I Am Bored by Lengthy Games

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    I played a game that lasted for an hour and twenty-six minutes in-game.

    The beginning was exciting with some good battles.

    However, when both players reached the Imperial stage, resources started depleting, and the opponent kept defending and building castles.

    The game went on for so long that it became tedious and uninteresting.

    Despite having a higher score, I eventually resigned because it felt pointless, and the game felt like a constant cycle of selling resources and building new units.

    The opponent kept fighting, but for me, it became frustrating and boring, leading to my resignation out of boredom or frustration.

    Do others feel the same way?


    The secret to avoiding postimp is to win in castle


    If they’re able to afford castles, they’re not really out of the running.

    Take better trades and finish him.


    While I definitely don’t like people who don’t resign, this is on you.

    * Late game trash wars are just as much an aspect of the game as anything else.
    * What was he spamming?

    What units were you using?

    Hussar raids are the answer to keep attacking his vils continuously.
    * For context, in a recent TTL game, the two players had queued up 150+ Hussars each from their stables(at least 20 each).
    * That is how the game is played and that is how you know you are playing with an equal skill player.


    Players who don’t resign are available heavily, especially at the lower elo.


    Oh, my sweet summer child.


    No, not really.

    The game isn’t over until it’s over.

    I’ve bounced back from some pretty terrible situations.

    Trash wars take ages if all you’re doing is throwing units to the meat grinder.

    I like having these stalemates where you can’t just win by spam clicking, but by actual strategizing.

    Lure the opponents army to point A, attack at point B.


    My friends and I literally play strats where the intention is to hold until the opponents quit.

    Doesn’t even matter if we could easily push the opponent; we just hold forever until they resign.

    It’s great.


    A few siege in trash fight can turn the tide of a even fight.


    Yup agree.

    My friends and I almost always ban black forest and michi especially.

    Sometimes it can be fun but even when we win those games a lot of the time it’s not interesting and a total grind.

    That said I know some people love it and to each their own.


    if you think its just a spam fest, than you are maybe doing it wrong?

    Post gold trash fights is where have to be extra cautious with your gold units.

    Usually you make a halb/skirm ball that protects trebs, so you can push down castles, and have hussars raiding the economy, while trying to protect your own eco against raids.

    If you do miss the micro aspects, and having to micro to protect your trebs from time to time isnt enough, you could add a group of arbs and micro them for extra value.

    Or some bbcs.

    Also in certain matchups some civs only have a chance of winning when dragging out the game.


    cumans have very strong eco during castle age, but in imp their only real power option is paladin.

    Post gold turks can only use hussar, post gold franks only have fu halbs, while skirms and LC are worse than generic.

    Other way round are slavs, whose druzhina halbs can easily mow down enemy halbs once it gets to that point.

    If you have map control in late imp, make sure to limit your opponents expansion by putting castles around his base.


    That’s when the game is only getting good.

    I’ve won team islands after having all my villagers and TCs destroyed and no land army.

    Simply having 60+ elite cannon galleons floating around stopping them from gaining more resources and I eventually win.

    After the hour mark is only the beginning imo.


    I don’t like those Black Forest team game stalemates, but I’m equally disappointed by games that barely hit Castle age.


    Were you the Mayans?

    Because I had a very similar game last night…


    As an open map Bohemians player post imp is so frustrating.

    But win conditions are part of the game and part of what makes it fun.

    My games generally revolve around:

    I have a super strong early feudal, super strong mid castle, and super strong mid imp.

    At every other point in the game, I could die to skirms.

    Even if I am dominating mid Imp, if I don’t kill the opponent I don’t deserve the win.

    They can spam Tcs and skirms and I will die post imp.

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