How you recover after a peak win-loss

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    I was about to hit 1200 ELO with +7 streak but then all the games were lost up to -8 streak, yea you can imagine how frustrating is lol.


    Swear to never play it again, come back 2-3 days later, absolutely murder the first opponent, and continue the cycle


    If you tilt, take a break to reset before you start your next game.

    Also if you focus on elo it can make you play worse.

    I know guys who if they see an elo 200+ above them they automatically think they can’t win and play much worse.

    Everybody you face on ladder is human.

    Focus on the tactic and executing it the best you can and making it hard for the enemy to do the same


    I haven’t had a loss streak like this in AoE2 1v1 (I have in TG) but I do remember having these when I played DotA2 10 years or so ago.

    The desire to finish the day on a win, yet I couldn’t get a win, and probably played increasingly worse each game due to anger and frustration.

    I think in AoE2 1v1 I’ve had a win streak of 5 and a loss streak of 2 (less than 50 games though).

    In TGs I think I’ve had a win streak of 7 or 8 and a loss streak of 6 or 7.

    in TGs you have less control over the outcome of your team, but in 1v1 it’s solely up to you.

    Makes it much easier to identify and fix/learn from mistakes.

    Each game I lost since I started playing 1v1 again recently I made at least one easily identifiable mistake that largely contributed to the loss, and I always watch every replay after each game – I recommend the same, try and figure out why you lost each game and it’s also helpful to pick up on good things that your opponent did that you can learn from.


    I would personally identify one reason why you lost 8 games in a row.

    Idle TC time while fighting is a good one i know i have had an overwhelming advantage at 1100 elo only to not produce any vils while i am dealing damage thus creating an even game because i stop attacking to focus on my eco.

    Something less daunting than idle TC time is maps you lost on.

    I am all for playing lots of different maps i actually like all types of maps HOWEVER, I personally lost 6 matches straight and had no idea why but then after going back looking at my games all 6 were played on African clearing.

    This indicates that i have 0 clue how to play this map even at the most basic of levels.

    Edit: This mite be one of your problems you are not accustomed to playing lots of different maps and you do not know enough about them to the point where you are just playing them generically like you would on your best map which mite not be the best strategy.


    well now youre ‘only one game below your resting ELO’.


    I’m taking a break in team games, trying to not stress out.

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