How Would Berserkergang Impact All Non-Siege/Ship Viking Military?

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    The Vikings are lacking a strong late-game identity and don’t have a powerful unit on most maps.

    Additionally, the Berserkergang ability is too expensive for its minimal effect on a single unit.

    One suggestion is to incorporate the Berserkergang ability into the base stats for the Berserk unit.

    However, a more interesting idea would be to give generic units, like cavaliers, champions, and arbalests, special abilities for the Viking army.

    While the current 40hp/min bonus would be too strong for generic units, a weaker version of 10-20hp could be given to all Viking units, making double gold compositions more viable without being overpowered.

    While there may be some flaws in the idea, it is worth considering.


    I don’t think we should be worrying about Berserkergang for too much longer…


    Why don’t we just give Vikings halberdier?

    Then they finally get their infantry identity with halb/berserk.

    They still wouldn’t be an imp powerhouse but it’s definitely in line with the direction the devs want Vikings to go in.


    >Since they lack much power in the late-game, it might be fun to see generic units (like cavalier, champ, and arb) all given something interesting for the Viking military. 40hp/min is obviously too strong for the generic units–imagine arbs healing up to full in under a minute

    wouldn’t even be too strong.

    Arbs are getting killed by a volley of ranged shots, or hussars beating them down, or an onager shot.

    They are often just straight dying, or taking no damage.


    I’d like it to be cheaper

    And Vikings to get Thumb Ring back (Hera convinced me)


    I really like this idea, Viking where my fav Archer Civ.

    Don’t think I’ve played with them this year.


    They’re getting a different buff so it’s okay for now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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