How to Win the 2 vs 4 Team Game Challenge on Michi

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    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday my friends and I played a 2 vs 4 game on the Michi map.

    Here is the breakdown of the teams:

    Team 2P: My teammate and I are probably around 900 elo on ranked TGs.

    We have decent skills but struggle with execution.

    Team 4P: This team consisted of the lowest elo players and a Franks player who I coached to produce FU Paladin from 10 stables in Imp.

    Their build-up was slow, and their army composition mostly consisted of AI units.

    Our team (2P) was made up of Khmer and Bohemian.

    Our plan was for Khmer to spam Ballistas while I used Houfnice to range their units and spam Halbs and Scorpions.

    However, I struggled to micro siege units, and we didn’t produce enough to make a significant impact.

    We knew that challenging 400 vs. 800 pop was going to be difficult and that on Arabia, we would have won the game easily.

    Our opponents followed us to Imp much later than we did, and we attacked them when they were not prepared.

    However, they cut through our defense, and the game ended with them spamming Paladins in our base.

    So my question is, what would be the best approach to achieving a win in such a setting?

    Here are some of my ideas:

    – Burgundians and Cumans: Burgundians player goes for crazy eco and slings to Cuman who goes 1 TC and spams Stables.

    Burgundians help Cuman to hit Imp asap, and the Cuman flushes ecos with Hussars at first and Paladin later on.

    Burgundians follow with 200 eco and the button at some point.

    – Khmer and Cumans: Khmer for cutting through the forest in Castle with a group of Ballistas.

    – Huns and Cumans: Even faster stable production, but with caveats in supporting eco.

    Alternatively, going to Imp normally for both of us and rely on our crazy production to outproduce the other team.

    I can think of other combinations like double Persians or including the Bengalis, but I think anything that allows the other team to boom for too long will end in defeat.

    What do you think?


    Khmer is the right choice, because you can make a Ballista Elephant in Castle Age and start cutting.

    It’s by far the fastest cut in the game.

    If you just want to make a power play, you should probably have Khmer sling the other player at that point, into something like Goth spam.

    Hit their eco and kill them before they get to army in the first place.

    Italians + Goths have the same idea, but with Italians going full sling in Feudal (saves castle age + castle + elephant) and Goths making Onager to cut.

    Extra advantage here is that Goth can go Condottieri which are the strongest infantry option they can have in early imp.

    Yopu can skip getting a Castle and Perfusion for Huskarls, then, or getting all the militia line upgrades for a unit that’s too slow to raid anyway.

    Now, if you don’t want to play a degenerate “kill my friends before they get to play the game” strat, the path you were on seems like a decent idea.

    Houfnice aren’t going to cut it, though, they definitely don’t have as much DPS as SO, the main reason they are better is that they have so much range that they aren’t countered by BBC.

    Since you don’t expect BBC (or at least BBC micro) from your opponents, you should pick an SO civ (Ethiopians, Celts, Koreans, Mongols) to go with your elephant civ (Persians, Bengalis, Khmer).


    Why didn’t one of you try and get Onagers out much sooner?

    Or use Ballista Elephants to start cutting way earlier?

    You can get the earlier versions of those units in the Castle Age.


    If you just want to win, play goths and Italians.

    Italian player stays in feudal forever slinging res.

    Goth uses that res to go super fast imp, make 1 onager, and spam condottiero


    I would recommand burgundians and bulgarians.

    They way you described it, you are gonna have a time window, where one of you should be able to kill all four, if you can get the cut early enough.

    The burgundian play focuses on eco, clicks cavalier on the way to imp and then paladin.

    The bulgarian player uses the cheaper siege workshop techs to get onager nice and early and prepares the cut.

    Once you have cut, the paladin player should be able to overwhelm the four others before they arrive at their final composition.


    In 12 minutes you should be able to be in their bases killing them. 26+2 FC into 3 TC boom.

    Send your vills to wood and then build as many farms as you can, constantly.

    Leave 2 on gold from your FC to buy a fourth TC.

    Everything else should be on wood and food until you have enough vils to produce off 4 TCs and bank food.

    Then you start sending newly built vils to gold as well.

    I usually do this with Teutons and have 120+ vils off 5 TCs when I click, with other civs you’re probably a little lower with 4 TCs since your farms cost more.

    You’ll want a seige workshop and university to click imp.

    Once you click, build a rax and 5+ stables.

    In the way up build 2-3 mangonels, a bunch of knights, and get both Cav armor upgrades.

    Once you hit imp, first thing is to get onager.

    Next is cavalier, then final Cav armor.

    Cut through immediately once research is complete.

    At 13xx with that build I can be in their base with 30 cavalier before 45 minutes.

    If your ally does the same you should win then and there.


    You can try hyper aggressive castle cut with khmer and cuman.

    We did try that and kill so many opponent in rated TG michi.

    Khmer go like full vill on food only 1 on straggler tree(no lumber camp) and 1 mining camp take both stone and gold and drop castle + ballista elephant and cut asap(u only need around 1-2 to cut) then full boom to recover.

    Cuman go feudal 2tc into 3-4 stable and try to kill 1 or 2 opponent then improvise from there.

    Idealy u gonna have 3rd player Turk/Bohem fast imp into bbc.

    This should only work if they dont know it coming though.

    I think 900 elo can execute the build.

    If you want imp fight then i think persian elephant + bohemian houfnice is the only viable combo to fight outnumber enemy


    Khmer is correct choice.

    I’d even go double khmer against opponents like that.

    They won’t know how to handle halb siege or monks so they won’t have an answer to ballista elephants.

    In mass easily best unit in the game.


    Khmer fast castle to cut with ballistas and Huns with mass knights or Burgundians with mass cavaliers early can kill an opponent or two easily.


    With ballista elephants, cut through the forest then 2v1 the paladin player.

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