How to Use Monks as a New Console Player with Rank 1150ish?

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    Last night, I played against a superior ranked player who used the Persians and their elephants were a major threat.

    I learned from this subreddit that using monks is the best strategy against elephants.

    Accordingly, I created 10 monks and positioned them behind my troops.

    Even though I managed to convert a few of the elephants, it was insufficient, and my army was overwhelmed.

    Unfortunately, I lost 1000 gold and money spent on upgrades.

    What could I have done better?


    monks dont work in mass like archers etc.

    they can but that means microing atleast 20 monks simultaneously.monks are great in shifting tides among smaller battles.

    if you have 60 war elephants coming ur way with 10 monks, even if you convert 10 thats barely enough


    Console is difficult for microing monks.

    Counter elephants with a mass of halberdiers and attack their eco with cavalry.

    I always run halbs if I’m playing against an elephant civ.


    On open maps monks are mostly for countering heavy cav and getting relics.

    Their line of sight makes them good for scouting the far back of your base.

    It’s very hard to control a lot of them, but use them to convert the most expensive units.

    Redemption can make them good against siege and as part of a push of the enemy’s base.

    Search on YouTube for MbL’s clutch play with redemption monks – it’s bananas.

    Anyway, as your post indicates, it’s important not to overinvest bc a lot of unit types can melt monks quickly and that kind of gold loss can swing a game.


    Monks are strongest in early castle with few units.

    They can basically beat any unit including really expensive ones like knights, elephants and siege and do it at range over walls in 1×1 combat. (Except scouts and eagles, and rams not at range).

    So if he gets to castle and quickly rushes a few knights or elephants then a monk or two can delay him and now he lost the initiative- you saw it and can prepare a counter like pikemen but had to invest less in military so would have an econ lead.

    Also if a monk converts a ~50 cost gold unit and dies it’s generally a (small) win. +50 for you, -50 for them.

    Later when there are large armies they are just some old guys that get killed 11 although having some around to heal your units can be low key valuable.


    Its simple there’s a monk button : the right D Pad
    The same as your sheep
    So you turn off the auto camera on unit and u can spam conversions with tons of monk without difficulty.

    U push that right d pad it select the first monk you have created.then click on an ennemy.

    Repeat – Repeat – etc

    Very easy to do it will start from the first monk to the latest monk so you just spam the dpad and click on vilains


    Do not fight their fight, fight on your terms.

    This might not be the best advice but in a 1v1 it has worked for me.

    The biggest advantage you have against elephants is speed, mobility.

    I have been in this situation before, I use xbox also.

    I could not defeat his army of elephants so I sent my military at his TC and ECO behind his castles.

    He destroyed my town and I did the same to him.

    My few vills I had left made a new town faster than him(or i killed all his vills) and he resigned GG.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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