İf there is a relic you should grab before grab you should check what benefits give to you
with violence Iam recommend get them as soon as possieble before oppenet take it

villager gather faster food gold wood bla bla town cneter provide more population infintary train faster, the magic ship brings free food to your cities,toxates chariots arcus throwing axeman have more hitpoints, increases cavarly and chariot archer hitpoints, improves line of sight for all buildings, increases the attack of hoplites murmillos spearmen ulfsarks infintary have more hack armor increases movement speed of villagers increases villager hitpoints gold gather faster human soldiers more resistant to pierce attack,
not to nessacry but important still
caravans are cheaper and move faster walls are stronger, walls are cheaper the gods send you more favor,armory improvements are less expensive, a pegasus scout will gradually appear at your temple and respawn if killed, unleashes evil upon the world by making your myth unit train faster, myth unit cheaper, a trio of helpful monkey will appear at your temple and respawn if killed,increase the ranged attack of buildings,improves sight of army(dont remember name fully )
infantary damage bonus,
if game took long get them if game will be short dont spend time to grabing them focus to battle
not to important wont gonna change game they are just late game bonus
bonus damage to titan,cheaper titan
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