“How to Overcome the Magyars”

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    Hello everyone, I’ve been playing many games, but I haven’t been able to beat the Magyars yet.

    I have difficulty dealing with civilizations that use fast scout/cav archers, and although I can occasionally beat Mongols if I play oppressively, I often struggle against cav archers mixed with other units.

    As an 900-1000 elo player, I typically play as Portuguese, Franks, Byzantines, or Sicilians.

    Can someone please give me advice or help me out?


    Magyars players predictable go scouts into Knights where they have the advantage of Extra Attack for Free and cheaper cost.

    The general advice is Magyars are slow so you hit timings as Castle Age and Imp to beat them before they get to Imp comps that beat you.

    For your preferred Civs and Elo.

    Byzantines: Open Scouts & spears be sure to wall up.

    Transition to Camels.

    Keep pumping Camels and occasionally a few knights.

    Break the 2-3 knights off to counter raid while the camels protect you from their Knights or CA.

    Castle Age camels won’t beat Magyar knights or or CA but they will keep you alive to boom.

    Heavy Camels get twice the bonus damage and I will eat everything 900-1000 elo Magyar players make.

    If they add Pikes just add Skirm or Catas if you can afford.

    Don’t be afraid to use your Hussar and Cavalier/Paladin to finish them.

    Higher elo players will prefer Xbow + Camel.

    Franks: Play a shorter Feudal Age.

    Your scouts are worse but your boom is way better.

    Use Monks and Knights in Castle.

    Don’t take fights until you have equal upgrades.

    Paladin Halb BBC is your ideal comp.

    Make sure to Castle your eco so they don’t raid you to death.

    Portuguese: Open Eco with Archers.

    Counter attack in mid to late feudal make sure you have a 2ish spears to escort your 8ish archers.

    Play Xbow + Knight in Castle age.

    Don’t make Organ guns.

    Sicilians: Match scouts add Pike.

    Play Knight and Pike in Castle.

    Generally take away their favorite option using Spears or Camels.

    Then use heavy Cav to counter raid.

    Save your army.

    You don’t need to let every fight go to the last man.

    Better to fight a little and run home to TCs or Castle and heal up with Monks.

    If they play CA use scorpions


    As a magyar main we are unstoppable, just resign early so I can get another game in.


    If you know your opponent is going scouts and you full wall you’re guaranteed not to take damage.

    Yes it’s an investment, but magyars have no eco bonus so you’re probably not really behind from it.


    Out eco them because Magyars have no eco


    I’m low elo, so take my opinion with a huge crystal of salt…

    but I find that camels are a very effective deterrent against any knight/cavalry archer civilization.

    A berbers vs magyars matchup should be able to whoop the Magyars due to cheap berber knights and camels.

    You can pressure them enough early on that they never manage to build up a significant cavalry archer force.


    Add spears.

    You can expect to wall in your wood and berry villagers and if you’re sending vils out for big walls, send spear(s) with them.

    Magyar spikes are in feudal and imp, survive the feudal with spears and walls and punish in castle.


    Here’s some 900-1000 elo specific tips for you (I’m about 1100 elo and main magyars..)

    CA archers for magyars are stupid hard to get to.

    The switch from scouts to CA is slow, technically challenging (honestly, way too hard for someone at this elo to do well), and they don’t really get all too strong until mid imp.Odds are the magyar player will go scouts into knights, or scouts into defensive boom -> CA or Magyar hussar.

    If they go knights, play defensively and your eco will win out.

    If they don’t show aggression, there is usually a huge window mid-late castle where they don’t have any real answer to a large army.

    Just know CA can really only kite back to castles and defensive positions, so just be sure you don’t engage near their strongholds.

    A castle/stone walls will pretty much keep out all ca from your eco until imp


    Dont take this as an offense, but as advice: At your elo, civs dont matter that much.

    With even decent BOs and base set up, you can beat magyars with byz scout rush.

    At an elo below 1k, player mistakes just matter so much more than civ advantages, so if you want to climb, its best to focus on the fundamentals and (mostly) ignore a civs specialties.

    Magyars actually have very poor CA until imp (generic without any eco behind it), so if you struggle vs them, it can’t be the CA itself.

    It rather sounds like a psychological problem: You see magyars and choke and can’t play a solid game anymore.


    In any case, scout them.

    I did win alot of games just because the opponent massed spears blindly when I opened MAA-archers…

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