How to make turk fast imp on arena work?

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    Hi:) Im around 1450 elo and when I go for turk fast imp on arena i always get destroyed by opponent making a tons of knights.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Am I too slow on the push?

    Any tip?


    You are trying to do a 1k strategy at a higher level.

    The only reason this works is because enemy is passive and booming.

    At 1450, players are better at guessing enemy strategy by looking at up times and can counter play.

    Don’t fast imp as Turks, just Jani and mango which hits 5 minutes earlier and is stronger.


    Somewhere around 1400 is where this strat stops working in my experience.

    Your opponent has to have a REALLY bad map and make zero army for it to work beyond that.


    I once tried Turks fast imp at around 1100 and my enemy immediately Monk/Siege rushed my ass.

    So I am surprised how you are puzzled that it doesn’t work at your Elo anymore.

    That being said.

    I think it can still be a valid strat in teamgames, when you communicate it with your pocket.


    Full castle age knights pretty much counters turk fast imp.

    Nothing much to do except to be super sharp with your build, micro like a god and hope for the best.

    Or simply play a better strat


    Okay, so I ain’t half as good as some of the guys on this thread by the sounds of things, but even I can counter fast imp.

    If I see Turks I usually go forward in castle (26 pop ideally but works with 28) and drop a siege workshop, and either 2x stable or a stable and archery range. 2 rams ready by minute 20 and about 5 light cav.

    I usually queue a 3rd ram.

    Their gate is downed quickly and then I run in with cav and cav archers to push them off gold.

    They have to respond to this so their imp strat is cancelled and they quickly fall.

    Even if they scout this, it at least keeps them in their base, buying time to pick up at least a couple of relics and drop a 2nd TC to start a boom.


    Looky looky, Hera taught you guys how to beat fast imp turks, precisely with staying in castle and spam castle units like knights.


    Hera has a few games on his channel where he tries this strategy out.

    It actually seems to be a very good strategy that can be hard to counter if you hit the right timing.

    You can watch his videos to see how you can fine tune your build to hit harder and faster.


    It is simply a bad strategy, stop trying to do it


    You should get imp at 20-21 min.

    30 pop go feudale with 5 villager on gold.
    2 villagers in feudale go to gold for 7 total.

    When you hit feudale as soon as you can get Horse Collar (if you have 875 food for example do it asap as you will still have 800 food for up-ing).

    Then make farms until you have 11-12 total.

    When market finish sell your 200 stone for gold.

    Castle Age

    1 vill do monastery and 1 do siege workshop.

    After pressing up do 1 monk for relics if there is some you can grab.

    Heal your light cav and bully the opponents light cav away so you can go fwd with 2 vill and make 2 archery ranges close to your opponent.

    While going up get wood upg first, then gold upg.

    Skip heavy plow.

    Also get first archery armor.


    With your 2 vill fwd make all your houses fwd.

    Get Town Watch.

    When the opponent tries to go in with knights you should stand in between houses and fast wall every time he goes for you to get free shoots.

    Add another fwd archery range for 3 when you can.

    Get archer armor lvl 2.

    Heal you bombard cannons with villagers and pull them back when he bum rushes you.

    Use attack ground to kill mangonels easily with bombard cannons.

    If you die to knights when you have few hc’s you are going early, your light cav/ hussar needs to stay alive.

    I’ve known my opponent were doing some knights and stayed back and then went with more of a mass and won.

    I have more problems when the opponent goes monks with redemption tbh.


    its a bad strat overall , u are probably better playing castle age with janisares and then probably add a siege or then go to imp


    Are you getting to imp with double archery and siege workshop at min 20?

    And always producing hc?

    If so try to kill production buildings first so the enemy can mass fast enough to kill your hc ball


    >always get destroyed by opponent making a tons of knights.

    I think at that elo, when you see someone pick Turks it’s more likely than not they’re going fast imp.

    You hit imp at 20 mins, get HC and BBC out at 22 mins, and if the opponent isn’t expecting it, you can quickly snowball it into an advantage.


    If your opponent is going 25 pop FC, even making 1 stable knights constantly from min 16 to 22 can easily stop your push, and at that point his eco is much more ahead and he can just petard in and win.

    The whole fast imp strategy is hard to pull off if you just stay in castle age and make castle age army and if you attack too early.


    Turks fast imp is all based on the HC / BBC combo from Turks.

    If opponent knew about Turks fast imp strat and got a good head on their shoulders, knights are indeed the answer and will beat you.

    In fact, mass knights or crossbow will beat fast imp Turks strat.

    But knight is the better one of the two answers.


    The Turks strat is based on HC being high range and damage unit to pick off small number of enemy combat units, while BBC destroy siege, castles or TCs.

    So yeah both of these are crap against mass units.


    So, if you’re doubling down on fast imp strat no matter what, then you need to drop castle(s) at their bases while upping imperial and build a few jannisary until you get to imp and then full HC/BBC.

    But ideally, you want to scout and probe to see if opponent going mass knights or mass crossbows.

    If they do, they will be weak vs 3/4/5 TC boom and should lose against you in late post-imp game, meaning you don’t go fast imp at all.

    If they are booming 3/4/5 TC, then that’s where Turks fast imp comes in.


    Against any fast imp or similar strats, knights work wonders.

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