How to Develop an Addiction to AOE2 and Begin Playing Its Multiplayer?

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    Although I love the games AOM and AOE4, I find it difficult to motivate myself to play them, especially when it comes to playing with other people.

    I used to play these games nonstop, but now I can’t seem to get into them at all.

    I’m looking for any advice that could help me overcome this hurdle.

    I apologize if this seems like a silly issue, but it’s something I’m really struggling with.


    the best way is to watch entertaining streamers play the game!


    I never understand these “how to have fun posts”.

    If you don’t like it don’t do it why do you feel obligated


    What is it that is making you stop to finish a single game?

    If you are playing versus some type of AI or until every building and unit of your opponents are destroyed it might take a long time and feel tedious.

    Playing online, people will surrender much before that.

    If u want to learn about history and relax a bit, you could try playing the Campaigns.

    Or you could even make your own scenarios in the editor in order to get exactly the experience you want.

    In the end if you are not having fun then just play some other games.

    It’s not a big deal!


    1v1 Multiple Player can be intimidating.

    You know you are going to lose a bit before you find your level and the prespect of winning 50% isn’t that enticing.

    What you really need to know about the 1v1 ranked ladder means you will always be paired against someone of equalish skill and thats fun.

    The game is more fun when you know what you are doing and seeing some success.

    The best formula for this is to alternately play against AI and online.

    Work on a build order so you know what you are doing.

    Build orders allow you to focus on mechanics.

    As your mechanics improve the more you can improvise.

    Its pretty normal to have ladder anxiety.

    Lots of people will feel bad about themselves for losing.

    And competitive play opens up that possibility.

    Consider splitting your online games between 1v1 Arabia and 4v4 Nomad. (def ban Arabia in 4v4 its just not that fun). 1v1 Arabia gives you good consistent games and 4v4 Nomad gives your a lot variety providing plenty of opportunity to manage choas.


    Just accept that you will lose the first few and use these games to focus on executing a build order or strategy .

    You’ll be winning in no time.


    You are one of many!

    In this community most low rated players started where you started.

    I also played single player and LAN with friends a lot in the early 2000s…dabbled a little on MSZone.

    After HD I continued playing single player.

    Then I found DauT vs Viper best of 21 from like 10 years ago on YouTube.

    I was hooked!!!

    I was intimidated to play ranked when DE came out.

    I would play and mostly lose.

    I practiced the build orders, I got more confident, I watched twitch channels of Hera, Viper (when he was on Twitch, same with T90).

    I watched NAC3, mango shallows cup, hidden cup 3, and many more.

    I quite literally would get the nervous shakes at the beginning of games.

    Overtime and practice the build orders became more natural, the shakes went away, and every time I turned on the game it was to play multiplayer not single player.

    It’s a natural progression.

    Only thing to stop you is you so give it a try!


    Try getting yourself into a hype train scneario.

    Go watch some pro players youtube video, then if you feel so enclined start queueing.

    If your feeling an adrenaline rush when your playing nuktiplayer, dont sweat it many people do and it passes with time and games played.

    You eventually wont even notice it missing.


    As someone who really struggles with ladder anxiety let me give you a few tips.

    Ladder is proof of concept, your elo number just shows your understanding of the game, it’s not an indicator of skill per say.

    If I’m feeling anxious I pull up a build order I want to practice and play it against ai on slow speed.

    Slow speed is super important!

    It reduces the demand of fast pace decision making, and allows you to hone in and focus on learning all the little details of the build.

    Obviously challenge is a huge part of engagement and don’t think for a moment having it on slow speed makes it easy.

    Beat a hard ai, great!

    Face a hardest ai, beat a hardest ai awesome!

    Challenge an extreme ai.

    Wow ai is so easy you say, you can now beat them before they reach castle age you say.

    Ok then face 2 ai.

    While your beating up one of them, the other is getting free boom so now you have a harder opponent waiting for you.

    It’s super engaging and there’s so end to the challenge, it’s hard with out being stressful because you have time and control of what your doing on slow speed.

    I’m 1600 elo and still do this, I can 1v 3 hardest ai and am still not good enough to face 3 extreme yet.

    Ok ok ok, so now you really know the build but your still feeling anxious about playing ladder.

    How well do you know your build order?

    Can you beat a hard ai on fast speed?

    Fast speed is like mid term test, by playing speed up it really forces you to find flow state, you can’t just know the build, you need to be able to do it with muscle memory.

    Now jump on ladder bully some poor unpracticed noobs with your super sayian powers


    “I’m going to be so ripped one day.

    I want to to want to exercise babe.

    You’ll see I’ll have the best six pack ever.

    Once I finally find a way to actually care about the thing I truly do care about.




    Don’t get addicted to it 11

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