How Moderate Artificial Intelligence Can Assist

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    I used to play this game when I was younger but stopped for a while.

    Now I’m trying to get back into it.

    I’ve been playing against the computer and I can beat the easiest level but struggle with the moderate one.

    When it comes to the castle age, the AI always has a huge army and I’m struggling to keep up.

    I’m wondering if I’m too focused on building up my economy instead of my army.

    I’ve been playing for a week now and haven’t won yet, but I’m still enjoying it and hoping to improve.


    Some suggestions:

    * Do the Art of War “fast castle” scenario, paying special attention to the “your TC must not fall idle” part – it’ll help with your early game even if you’re not doing a fast castle.
    * Learn something like a build order – [this video]( explains the principles, [this page]( is a good build order to start with.

    You end up in castle age about 20 minutes into the game and you have army!

    Better still, you have economy to keep producing army.
    * Scout the map and use a group of archers (or scouts or knights) to hit any enemy villagers working outside the safety of their base, hit and run (away from your own base!) if they send their whole army after you.
    * Get a castle up before around 30min into the game, ideally in front of your base.


    You probably need more vils.

    Roughly half your population should be vils.

    Keep your TC working.

    The moderate AI is hard coded to max out at certain number of vils.

    I think 60.

    If you double that your economy should be able to overwhelm them.

    You probably need more production buildings to.

    Make sure you are spending you resources


    Saving this because I’m in the exact same boat.

    It feels like the AI has a massive army when I’ve got like three or four units ready to fight.


    You need to have a certain scale of villager distribution on resources depending on the units you want to compose your army.

    You may be running into the mistake of stockpiling resources you won’t efficiently need or have a deficit of villagers.

    Learn to boom with additional TCs should Castle Age hits, because moderate AI is still not that aggressive and will leave you time to build up, when it gets to hard level you will need to militarize pretty fast.


    Try out the Art of War part of the game.

    It will help you a lot more than anything we can type here.

    Just doing Art of War alone can get you to beat Hard or Hardest AI.

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