How does ALL TECH work?

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    i played a game the other day with ALL TECH box checked

    how does it work?

    there were no UTs !

    do CIV bonus still apply?

    like maya archers cheaper?

    and which civ is best to take?

    like bulgarians?


    No UT’s, no Bonuses, only Generic everything +UU


    You want civ bonuses and all techs?

    Make a scenario and enable all techs in that.

    Then load it up in multiplayer without selecting it in the lobby.


    Huskarl base cost is extremely high (80F 40G iirc), so losing the Goth discount might be a much worse trade-off, even with the final armor available.

    The general rule here might be to look at UU’s that don’t depend on a civ bonus or UT much, but have some key upgrades missing – such as Kipchak (gaining Bracer + Husbandry v/s losing 5% speed) or Camel Archers (gaining Parthian Tactics v/s losing the HP regen UT), etc.


    Arambia are one of the biggest winners

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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