How do I stop Turks Fast Imp Janissary/BBC comp? I survived the first wave but eventually, he got to a critical mass of Janissaries. 1 Stable Knights instead maybe?

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    I can’t even play Dravidian flank anymore because its an auto-lose lol.

    Skirmisher micro against BBCs is a waste of time at my skill level.


    You’re playing Bohemians.

    They’re probably the best civ against Turks in that situation because they can mirror the strat.

    Just play FI + HC yourself and you’ll be golden.


    Build rams to absorb the jannisary shots and force them to micro while hussars flank to hit BBCs.

    Skirms for the Janissaries.


    Dravidians don’t have good eco or low investment power units so it’s hard to see them work as a flank civ on Arena.

    In the screenshot, you are Bohemians, though.

    Bohemians have good eco or at least better than Turks, especially when both Bohemians and Turks are making a castle, going fast imp, and using a gold heavy composition.

    Counter Turk BBC with your own (they typically don’t get Artillery in a fast imp) or use monks, which are Bohemians’ main strength in a low eco situation.


    Ban the map :-).

    ELSE: Trushing is amazing at lower elo and usually one of the best options against the terror of arena, Turks.

    If you boom vs fimp, boom for a bit then mass a ton of whatever castle age army and try to clear their army.

    Be very patient and hope for them to overextend.

    You need to buy time and really use all the space in the back of your base for this.

    If you lose your army, you probably die.

    If you clear them once you should be ahead since you actually have an eco.

    Turks are good and you might just die though, very sad.

    After jani range nerf castle age things can fight them better but the micro is hard yes.

    You can mirror fimp (although it’s a guessing game on these maps) but maybe not with dravidians.


    Play aggresive if he is doing fast imp.

    If he is also going for a castle you should be up quita bit before him.

    Go for your cheap siege and pikes.

    Can also Trush him to delay.

    Get pocket to make knights while you boom and make counter to turk pocket when imp.

    Turks are the best civ on arena so its hard to counter them eispecaily with dravidians since you have bad monks and bad cav.


    why do you want to play dravidians flank so badly anyway?

    for any other civ, you can do small 3tc boom ~50-55 vils, then into 3-4 stable knights.

    key is to stop vil production to favour knights as he hits imp.

    once you have ~20 knights you can fight and you will always have more military.

    once you clear the first wave you can usually restart some vil production

    that is for HC BC fast imp which hits faster than jannisary bc no castle.

    you should be able to pull it off even better if he does jannisary fast imp as he wont be imp until like ~23mins


    With arena, you have to be aggressive early.

    I see Turks so often it’s boring, but i suppose that’s the meta.

    I castle drop, even if it’s their pocket.

    I go 2-3 tcs and pump out enough units to make them commit their resources to fighting in castle.

    Once I’ve felt like they have, I try to get up to imp faster than them.

    If you are franks, focus on getting multiple castles up and getting in their base.

    If they reach imp faster, you’ll be on the defensive most of the game.


    Need to get an outpost or regular scouting to stop him getting the castle and siege up there ideally


    I personally like to monk siege push and ask my pocket to make knights or troops of some sort to basically clean up the random villagers.

    My usual build order is 24 + 2, and then when I’m on the way up to castle all my berry villagers are on wood until about 3/4 of the way up.

    Then make 6 farms, have 10 on gold and 10 on wood , send 2 villagers forward from wood to build workshop/monastery.

    I’d recommend adding a second monastery when you can.

    I usually make primarily mangonels until like 4, then I’ll make a few scorps depending on support or what the enemies are making.

    Typically they won’t have any troops, but they may try to make light cav.

    This can easily be shut down by scorps or if you have enough monks you can convert them.

    You can also add barracks.

    If they try to go for siege then you get redemption.

    If they somehow stall out to get imp, you can still win since bbc/hand cannons will just be converted by your mass monk but that shouldn’t even happen unless your team doesn’t help at all while his does.

    It’s a bit all in, if your team doesn’t help you while his pocket spams cav, you likely just get shutdown and killed.

    But with any bit of help from pocket, I have huge success rate.


    If that is hard to stop at 27 min in 4v4 wait until you see hand cannoners + BBCs at your door at 22 min in 1v1 🙂


    3 tc straight boom without adding any scouts.

    Just market blacksmith.

    Once opponent reaches imp prepare 3-4 stables in the back (!) of your base.

    At around min 21 stop vil production, put a shit ton of vils on gold and spam knights.

    Send first wave to cut reinforcement and then jump on army in your base.

    If you succeed here your opponent shouldn’t be able to get back into the game.

    Xbows with ballistics can also work if you properly evade bbc shots and even are the better opener (bc faster to get to).

    If you do that you don’t need to stop tc production, boom a bit longer and then spam knights from 5+ stables.

    Cav archer or elephant archer are also a decent option.

    Most important thing is to go all in castle age.

    Don’t go imp.

    Alternatively castle drop if you have good UU.


    Uhhh fast imp turks is hc not jans

    Beat them with skirms and knights


    I didn’t read everyone’s comments but generally going xbows counters it pretty well.

    That was always the meta defence back on voobly

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