How Can Winning a Game Result in Losing Elo? Discover the Reasons as a Member of Team Green/Blue. See Details Below.

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    Rewritten: The given image is a screenshot of a tweet that contains a comment about how the Internet has made people lazy in terms of critical thinking skills.

    The tweet suggests that the easy and fast availability of information on the Internet has resulted in people relying on it heavily for answers, rather than making an effort to think for themselves and come up with logical and intelligent solutions.


    You played so badly you still lost elo.


    It may happen that the points of previous games have not been taken into account, so the points of your current game have been subtracted from the previous one…

    Do you remember if you lost the previous match?


    Has this happend to anyone before?

    I just won a game on Nile Delta after one team dropped/resigned early, but instead of getting points I lost them.

    It’s not that I care about my Team RM Elo, but it is kind of weird that I lose Elo.

    This has to be a bug, right?!

    Or isn’t it?

    As you can see, Red resigned on the other team.

    Sorry if this isn’t content worthy, I’m new here.


    So that + – elo number is a little deceiving.

    Sometimes it’s bugged and takes your elo from a few games ago.

    Imagine this:

    1st game loss = -15 elo

    2nd game loss = – 15 elo

    3rd game win = +15 elo

    What the game shows after winning the 3rd game = – 15 elo

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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