How Can We Improve Our Game Against Hard AI When Buddy and I Often Win Inconsistently?

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    The title sums it up, my partner and I have the ability to defeat challenging AI on specific maps.

    However, we cannot guarantee a win regularly.

    I have adopted the fast castle approach, which proves to be effective but only in scenarios where the AI is unable to launch an early attack, such as in Michi.


    Next step in my opinion would be to try beating the hard AI on open maps, Arabia for example.

    Learn how to play aggressive in feudal age (scouts, archers), stop relying on fast castle builds.

    Start with a 20 or 21 pop scouts build, then try a 22 archer build.

    Hard AI will melt once you can execute these openings while also not totally forgetting your economy behind that.


    Fast Castle then what?

    If you castle drop, the AI is dead immediately, even Extreme.

    If you boom, be efficient and have a good army comp planned ahead, build defensive structures to protect against their aggression.

    In general, the faster you attack the better.

    It will become significantly harder if you let them expand for too long.


    Play Empire Wars ranked for aggression and unit transition practice.

    I got beat back to 800 elo in RM multiple times before I did the civ A to Z challenge on Empire Wars.

    It’s skipping the dark age bo and going straight to microing while macroing insanity and it’ll level you up for feudal.

    Now I’d have to be snoop dog level stoned to lose vs 800s or hard AI

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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