Here Present Day Traders?

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    I’ve recently learned about a group of highly successful day traders in Taiwan who regularly play Age of Empires II (aoe2) against each other.

    They believe that playing the game helps with their reaction time and mental agility, which in turn helps with their trading.

    They also draw parallels between the game and trading, comparing support and resistance to the front lines of a battle.

    They play the game to pass the time when there are no trading opportunities and require new members to join them in playing aoe2.

    Overall, it’s an interesting story about how individuals in different fields can find unexpected ways to improve their skills.


    I frequently trade in the market.

    My favorite is selling stone around the 11 minute mark and buying again around 14 minute mark each day


    I’ll take things that never happened for $500


    Gschichten aus dem Paulanergarten


    Let me guess, they also have a course you can buy to become just like them and make lots of money?

    they’re offering it for the low low price of 5 installments of $19.95 out of the goodness of their hearts?


    What’s their elo?

    How to find them?


    Quite the opposite, rts is a perfect metaphor for why day trading is a bad strategy.

    In rts as in succeeding in markets, the short and long term must ALWAYS be in balance.

    The more smoothly you can balance across time the better your investments will do—trying to win every day and not using time as a variable to your advantage is unnecessarily crippling your ability.

    Source: for the past 5 years my primary income has been from investing.

    I would say the biggest takeaway from rts is that reacting is almost always worse than anticipating, and that you want to anticipate the most likely outcomes, not some crazy call.

    The simplest recent example of this is the real estate crisis in China building towards 2021.

    I thought it and other global movements had the potential of taking the US market with it, that ended up being true, but there was no way I was going to try to risk timing a short of the US market.

    That is so high risk and can blow up in your face soooo fast.

    I waited till the financial position of the truly massive Chinese real estate companies was almost impossible to get out from (even with a communist government) to short those markets.

    And IF the US market came down after that, I would use my earnings from the short to buy into the US market at good prices.

    Like if you think an event is likely in aoe2 but too high risk to anticipate, you can be prepared to react immediately to it, while fronting little risk/investment.

    I am a much better investor than aoe2 player, but I am learning and hopefully I will improve!! 11

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