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    Greetings everyone!

    I am currently planning to develop a map for myself and my friends.

    A significant feature that I have in mind would be the inclusion of two large mountains, each with separate paths leading to their respective peaks.

    On each peak, there will be two plateaus where players can build structures.

    One path is a narrow pass between peaks and rocks, while the other is a narrow path that runs beside an ocean.

    My intention is to give the paths the same height as the mountains using hills, but without creating a steep slope all the way down to the water.

    Instead, I hope to create an elevated pathway akin to the lookout peak from Minas Tirith in Lotr.

    Is this feasible?

    More importantly, can slopes be removed from hills entirely, or are cliffs the only alternative?

    Thank you!


    To my knowledge it’s not possible to remove thise slopes because the game engine can’t handle elevation changes of more than 1 oer tile.

    You could use a combination of elevation and cliffs and try to hide the slopes using decorative elements like rocks and mountains


    You could make a small illusion by placing the mountains in a ditch – elevation 1, while having the path and ocean both at elevation 4 or 5.

    This would still require tidying up and having a small slope of 1 or 2 elevation difference between the path and ocean I suppose looks less annoying than the difference of 6.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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