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    Greetings to the aoe2 Community!

    I have recently rediscovered my love for playing age of empires and have become addicted to it.

    I am now determined to improve my skills and win against the AI on medium difficulty.

    Although my early game is okay and I can reach Castle Age in 13:30, I always seem to lose the game against the AI as they are always stronger than me.

    Therefore, I am seeking advice on how to defeat the AI.

    What is the most essential factor to pay attention to?

    Do you have any helpful tips for a novice or any recommended videos?

    Your support would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Update: I am thrilled to announce that I finally won against the AI in a 2v2 Scenario on the dark forest map, playing with a friend.

    I am grateful for all the advice and support received, especially for highlighting the importance of economy (producing enough villagers).

    Hopefully, I will be able to beat the medium AI from now on.


    > I would say my early game is fine as I manage to get into the Castle Age in 13:30.

    Real time or game time? (Game time is generally 1.7x speed)

    If game time, you probably have insane amounts of idle TC time to be able to afford that fast of an uptime. 24 vils in dark age + 2 more in feudal is a “standard” fast castle build, and hits castle age at 14:50 if done perfectly (no TC idle time, with loom).

    You should probably focus less on aging up quickly and more on reducing TC idle time (so that you have a stronger eco).

    You shouldn’t be hitting castle age with less than 25 vils (unless you really know what you’re doing).

    28+2 fast-castle is a bit more flexible (“easier”) and hits castle age at 16:30 with no idle time.


    >I would say my early game is fine as I manage to get into the Castle Age in 13:30

    Most new players making posts like this are not using the ingame timer, which is 1.7x real life speed.

    Otherwise, a 13 minute FC is quite decent for a new player.

    Just wanted to mention that.


    Getting to castle fast can be good for closed maps like Arena, but you give up map control and a good economy.

    Depending on the map you would do better by going with an opening like scouts, so you make some military on the way and get economic upgrades as well.

    You get to castle later but stronger.


    If you are a complete beginner then you should Watch these videos:


    How many villagers do you have when you reach castle age at about 13:30?

    A perfect 13:35 castle age gives you 19 extra dark age villagers + 2 more villagers in feudal.

    This is fast but it is possible, it’s actually really good.

    If your economy is this good and if you can also spend all your resources, then you should be able to defeat moderate AI by: randomly picking one unit to make, upgrading it, press select all army, attack move it in the direction of the enemy base, and drown them by leveraging your superior resources to spam mass human wave attacks.

    It’s also possible to get a 13:30 castle age time by banking food when you could be producing villagers instead.

    Make villagers.

    More villagers, faster.

    It sounds easier than it is.

    Make it a habit to regularly glance at the production queue on your HUD to see if you can queue up more units.

    >What is the most important thing I need to pay attention to?

    There are four things that you need to know in order to play this game.

    Make villagers, gather resources, spend resources, attack.

    Everything else is just learning how to apply these four core principles.

    For example, the build orders made by top players are a great way to optimize your gathering and spending of resources.

    There is a lot to be said about this game, but keep it simple, and focus on these four basic things.



    That’s a good castle time.

    If you can’t beat the ai with a castle time that good I don’t know where you go wrong.

    Maybe add siege weapons and be aggressive?

    Have you learned your counters?

    Air is good at one thing and that is creating the right counter units

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