Guide for Dealing with Aggressive Halberdier Rush?

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    Recently, I participated in a 3-hour 2v2 game on Black Forest as the Cumans.

    However, both of my opponents relentlessly spammed Halberdiers which led to the downfall of my castle units and my teammate’s army.

    I tried to counteract this strategy by constantly micromanaging my UU, but the sheer numbers of Halberdiers eventually overwhelmed my efforts.

    Whenever I managed to break through their walls, I had to retreat due to the overwhelming number of Halberdiers they possessed.

    Unfortunately, siege units were too slow to oppose them effectively.

    They were producing over 120 Halberdiers simultaneously for hours on end.

    In this situation, what is the optimum strategy to counteract their tactics?


    Champions can work if all they are using is halbs.

    Also what was your friends civilisation?


    Sergeant, Champ, Arb.

    Skirms do bonus damage as well.


    you become halberdierer spammer


    On Black Forest, siege is going to be especially good.

    It’s really one of the few times scorpions are very effective.

    You just have to use enough of them and move slowly.

    And by enough, I mean 20+.

    Also, if you are being overran by halbs and only halbs, I would take a look at your economies.

    A lot of the “this counter doesn’t work” problems are really economy problems.


    As cumans probably siege (sounds like you tried that) or foot archers.

    Massive amount of skirms is also good.

    Cuman UU is strong but halbs still shred it when they catch up and it costs gold while halbs do not.

    Generally on BF it’s siege that’s the answer.

    Scorpions are better than onagers vs pure infantry spam and if the opponent isn’t using onagers/bbc

    If you weren’t cumans, then champion + skirmishers push is the way


    Cumans seem quite bad for BF.

    They are better on maps where their 2nd feudal age TC is useful.


    Cuman UU in decent numbers and/or siege onager in closed area and micro slaughter halbs.

    Champion if you don’t want to micro.


    Yeah unfortunately OP I don’t necessarily think you were in a winnable situation regardless of counters.

    I saw your comment where you said your teammate was wiped in about 10 minutes, without that gold Income from trade it was honestly only a matter of time before they overwhelmed you from just sheer numbers/size.

    Would’ve taken a pretty Herculean effort to solo them and win.

    I will say though, from what it sounds like you were on roughly the right path for victory if you had still had a teammate, with that context not taken into account I would’ve just made space with siege to bring your archers up and make a defensive point to drain some of their resources then pushed when you two had accumulated some heavy firepower.

    I also prefer a more turtle/defensive play style so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


    champs will spank this, also just arbs will spank this, or HCA behind a meat shield.


    I have run in the same problem in Black Forest and Arena with Cumans.

    There are two possibilities, either Onager cut and raid their villagers and trade or take one big fight in early Imperial with your Paladins.

    If it still goes to sustained fighting then Cumans do lack good options, you can either build Champions or Cav Archers / Skirms behind your own Halbs.


    Champions, lots of Skimishers, Xbows (they will deal except against Malians)…

    I don’t remember if Cumans have hand cannonners, but they are good…


    You have a good number of units that can deal against.


    Just go siege ram champions


    Oh no, enemy is spamming anti-cav unit!

    Better spam my UU cav unit and micro them!

    Basically anything what isn’t labeled as cavalry or villager or ram deals with halbs.

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