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    I really appreciate the concept, but it’s frustrating when I get an alert of an attack and it always leads me to a fabricated village or some other irrelevant notification.

    It would be great if there was a way to make it so the notifications are only related to the military.


    They should definitely remove trivial things like farm and house built.


    its a bit tricky to use.

    You either have to use it immediately so no other notification can slip in between, or you use it multiple times to cycle through the last few notifications until you find the one thats actually interesting for you.

    But i agree, a hotkey that only cycles through attack notifications would be much more useful.

    This might be a case of auto everything though, as it takes away a bit of the knowing where your units are and looking at the minimap to see if something blinks at the wrong places.


    When I discovered this hotkey existed I thought it would make keeping up with combat so much easier 11

    However the reality is exactly like you describe it

    *managing eco at base.

    Goes to last notification of house next to tc being built instead of my archers running under enemy tc*


    I used on of the mouse extra buttons.

    Every time an alarm sounds I clicked and goes right to the point.

    Very useful.


    I agree and think this would be a relatively easy feature to implement.


    The key to using it is pressing the hotkey really fast after the notification otherwise exactly what you describe will happen.

    There are other ways to manage these situations but if you intend to use the go to last notification option you definitely need it on a quickly accessible hotkey and also have the action well memorized (which usually takes a little bit of time).


    “Go to last attack notification” could be easily implemented I think.


    Literally press it again and it goes to the notification before that one

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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