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    It’s time for our weekly round of questions where we discuss a range of topics, including build orders and advanced strategies.

    As always, our community is here to help answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to ask!




    Has anyone tried with the PUP if they can get away with the Chinese start with no idle TC time?


    In the India DLC , any idea why Gujaras , Hindustanis and Bengalis were chosen as the civilisations representing India ?

    The reason I ask is that I’m India we have more famous dynasties/ empires that are famous- Rajputs , Marathas , Mauryas , Chalukyas , cholas , Pandyas and so on.

    The civilisations in the game seem to be an amalgamation of maybe 2 or 3 other civilisations.

    So was just wondering


    on xbox is there a way to pick pocket or flank for teams?

    who should be in each position?


    is there a link or wiki where i can read on some terms like fast castle, boom etc.

    i feel like im a good player but my understanding of strategies to implement for different civs i think is a key area holding me back.

    or other points like what vil count to advance at, when or why to have the vil count higher instead of advancing.


    Is It Worth turning Crossplay on As Xbox Player?

    Someone got It on and can say If they got any chances vs PC?


    Do mods get updated when they become incompatible?

    I wanted to play exploding kings with my friends but it said it won’t work with this version of the game (not on the Pup)


    Question about 3 on wood to go up 1 vil sooner: does anyone have an example build to see resource allotment?

    Curious how many you’d send to wood on click up, and if it’s enough for Barracks and say a Stable.


    Against Berbers, as Saracens, what would you prefer: 1.

    scout, wall, FC with market abuse, or 2.

    scout, archer full feudal pressure with market abuse?

    If you choose the former, would you go for Mamelukes+boom, which frankly kills Berbers or simply Camels+TC, and get Zealotry asap?


    is the pup over?

    I don’t see the option in betas on steam.

    I just had an idea of something to test…..


    Is it just me, or does the change to the Vietnamese paper money tech cost now make it quite viable?


    Is there any site or something with Map guides on it ?

    I have such a hard time learning the build orders for Arabia and Black Forrest, then I got in the Nomad map and after that in the Golden Pit.

    You can guess how destroyed I got lol


    What’s the best way to play on black forest as such?

    Let alone the early walling and all that…

    It’s a hard thing for me in general to boom and also decide about till where I boom

    In black forest or a few boom games I sometimes run into a weird issue where my food is really low and I keep trading gold to get food to train vills.

    Despite me having the lowest idle time it felt like I probably overboomed and couldn’t help my teammates fend off a Teuton infantry spam and siege as Briton longbowmen…

    They said I should have rather made more ranges and gone arbs, that was a question to raise and also despite booming till 35-40 on food my food count would still remain 300-400 after all the eco upgrades.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Should I get hand cart earlier?

    Should I just idle the TC a bit before clicking up?

    What’s the issue?


    I can now stay pretty consistently in the mid- 1100’s, but I’m getting outplayed hard when I occasionally cross into the 1200 range.

    Any tips or practice ideas?

    I feel like the biggest thing for me rn is macro.

    I can pull off a few really clean builds but my adaptability is not amazing.

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