Frustration Arises from Playing That Tatoh – ACCM Arena Game on NAC Day 3

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    The fact that Tatoh won decisively against ACCM is proof that szlachta privileges need to be reduced.

    Despite being ahead in early imp and outplaying Tatoh in previous fights, ACCM was unable to counter the cheap cavalier spam that Tatoh continued to produce.

    Even with his primary unit as Genoese and producing them from three castles, it wasn’t enough to beat Tatoh’s overwhelming numbers.

    It’s unclear what ACCM could have done differently to turn the outcome in his favor.


    Poles have been spanked in other games.

    If Sriracha was devastating op, that would not happen.


    He simply didnt commit to stone enough.

    If he had 1 or 2 more castles when reaching imp, he could have won.

    The way he played, he should have probably opened with arbs and then switched into UU later on


    Maybe you’ve got this backwards, GXbows are pretty underwhelming imo.


    I think ACCM’s main mistake there was not getting Elite Gen-bow.

    They are a big upgrade from the regular unit and I don’t think the cavalier would have overwhelmed in the same way with them.


    Come on…

    ACCM was not way ahead, his army advantage was basically a couple of knights and a couple of monks and Tatoh had more villagers for most of the game.

    It was a small advantage at best.

    Tatoh was also ahead to imp which gave him the tech advantage and a treb before ACCM had any upgrades, he never got elite and his production was constantly hindered becaise he decided to build his next three castles (which were his production buildings) basically on range of Tatoh’s trebs.

    Obviously Poles are strong, but they are not OP and they have lost convincingly as well.


    Accm did bad decisions this game.

    Tatoh deserved the win.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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