Forecasting Expectations for Today’s NAC4 Series.

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    Today, there are two sets of BO7s – Yo vs Tatoh and Viper vs Villese.

    It’s difficult to predict the outcome of both series, but that doesn’t mean they will be close.

    Yo’s aggressive approach is likely to give him a 55-60% chance of winning against Tatoh, but it could potentially end in a 4-3 score.

    Viper has health problems and has not been performing up to his usual standards, which might give Villese an opportunity to win 4-2, although if Viper were in top form, he could win 4-1.


    Plus Viper usually doesn’t do too well against villese in particular.


    **Yo vs Tatoh**: I think Bo7 suits Yo a lot better than a Bo5.

    He said himself yesterday that it takes him a little bit to warm up and really get into it.

    So I would slightly favor Yo in this match, though I think it will be very close.

    **Viper vs Villese**: Does lightning strike twice?

    Yes Viper is not at full strength, but I doubt it will go as the group stage match.

    Worst case Viper will have to use some of the GL pre-planned strats earlier than he would’ve wanted, but I still favor him slightly.

    He played very well yesterday and he’s had another day of rest today, plus he’s always more focused in late tourney stages.

    So Villese definitely has a great chance especially if he doesn’t play fully standard, but I’ll go with Viper on this one and think he’ll lose to Liereyy tomorrow.

    Should be great sets both of them!


    4-3 and 4-2 but I can’t say for which set and which player.


    4-2 first and 4-3 second, but really don’t know what players I would bet 😀


    2-4 and 4-2

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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