Following Hera tutorial video, attempting to defeat difficult AI with Franks on spacious maps.

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    I have made progress, but there is still a long way to go.

    During the game, I often have a solid strategy until I reach the Castle Age.

    At this point, I begin attacking the AI with scouts and knights, which results in taking out some of their villagers.

    Although my economy is expanding, I struggle to maintain a consistent supply of knights to sustain my attacks.

    Eventually, the AI diminishes my force and mounts a counter attack, which proves to be a difficult challenge.

    The game ends up dragging on in the Imperial Era, resulting in a tedious and uneventful experience.

    Do you have any suggestions to improve my gameplay?


    If you can’t resupply knights then your eco is not distributed correctly.

    Rewatch one of your games and see what resources you have too many of, and what resource is missing that you need to make more knights.

    For example if you have 1000 wood and you’re low on gold then send more villagers from wood to gold (and make a market to sell a bit of that wood to speed up the knight production).

    Another thing that may be happening is that you’re making stables and town centers and don’t have enough farms to supply them all with food.

    A third problem may be that you get too many upgrades you can’t afford.

    For example if you’re making knights and your opponent is still in feudal, you don’t need as many blacksmith updates in the beginning because the knight is already a strong unit when facing pikes.

    The AI collapses if you pressure it constantly so prioritize constant knight production and you should be ok.

    Delay upgrades and extra TC’s until you have enough farms to keep them all going.


    Do you rewatch your games with capture age?

    In the recs you can choose to watch a game with capture age (you have to download it first – the free version is great at your level) and this will help you to see things like tc idle time or how often you have a bigger army than your opponent without using it.

    When rewatching your game pay attention to your idle tc time, your resource bank (spending your resources on literally anything is better than having a bank), your military count (and whether its doing anything useful), and both player villager counts.

    If you have a lot of idle tc time try to figure out when that is (are you watching the boar lure, microing a fight, etc when you should be queuing villagers)

    If you have a big resource bank focus on looking at that in game occasionally and then spending it.

    Also it can make sense to redistribute villagers when you look up and are floating a lot of one res but dont have enough of another.

    If you notice your army number is lower than your opponents try to determine if you dont have enough production buildings (long queues in the buildings you have), if you arent using the buildings you have (focus on queuing up more unitz), or if you once had more but took a bad fight (under a tc, not enough upgrades, or against a counter unit).

    If the army number is higher you will need to watch and see if you were using it effectively.

    Was it sitting idle in your base?

    Was it looking for vils in the right places?were you fighting against the right kind of villagers

    If your villager count is lagging behind this is vwry similar to the military question.

    Do you have enough production buildings (town centers) and are you using them enough (watch that idle time).

    If you have a long vil queue you should add tcs.

    If you have no vils queued focus on learning the select all tcs hotkey and the queue villager hotkey and just click those while going about your other business (i do it every five seconds which is too often.

    I even sometimes click them while working. 11)

    It is possible to beat every level of ai without building a single military unit ( 200 vils + castle drops) or without ever clicking feudal (full militia, tc drops) as well as other sub-optimal strategies so your issue really isnt tactical or strategic but rather in execution.

    The best way to fix that is to watch the games back and try to identify where your play falls away.

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