Flemish Revolution

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    So I did it. 190 pokey girls and 10 BBCs.

    It felt rather underwhelming.

    The enemy had 50 Paladins and wiped em.

    Then Paladins kept coming in and i had nothing.

    Paladins won.

    Also am I supposed to keep using them vs.

    Paladin spam or transition into Halbs?


    Were the FM fully upgraded?

    I wouldn’t expect 190 of them to lose against 50 paladins.

    I might be wrong tho.


    Vs paladins halbs are better 100%

    You should compare FM to Viking longswords with the CA UT, imo


    For flemish to work you need a big bank, and full infantry upgrades.

    If you lack either or even worse both, your push wont work well.


    ideally you have a sizeable food bank or like >5TCs with 15 vills queued each when you click revolution.

    You should also have some hand cannoneers in you composition rather than full Flemish militia.

    that being said: the revolution is trash today and beyond highly situational use utterly useless. 10 BBCs were a good addition but when you can’t even kill your opponent with 200 military either the units or your gameplay are at fault.


    Don’t click the button to start a push, click it when you’re already pushing so you’re guaranteed to break through.

    Then you can raid everywhere with Flemish Militia, insuring that you come out with better eco even if you don’t win immediately.


    Did you have full infantry armor/attack upgrades?

    Also as Burgundians did you have any hand cannoneers?

    Hand cannoneers supported with the infantry would have made short work of the enemy paladins.


    When you hit the button you need to do everything you can to stall until your eco is backup and running.

    Once you eco is online again, spam barracks, have tons of farms, and hopefully you have relics.

    Then just spam halbs and Flemish.

    Flemish are basically trash units only in the eyes of the Burgundians.

    Since they have gold farms, their Flemish cost 15g, and they focus relics.


    Since it’s a thread about the Flemish revolutions… this doesn’t specifically pertain to OPs question but I have a question.

    Directly prior to researching the tech, do you gather all existing vills into a central location, and then research FR and then attack….

    Ooorrrr, do you research FR and then organize your FM into a central location to fight?


    Do you have so we can watch the replay?

    I’m wondering how much space you gave your opponent in the game.

    As soon as you drop in population you can support with pike line and rally villager out to farms

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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