Feeling Like Playing More but Building Base from Dark Age Requires Too Much Effort?

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    You begin playing and have some wins, followed by some losses, then another win – all part of the game.

    However, at 1am, the idea of constructing a base, including walls and worrying about potential gaps, becomes overwhelming.

    Instead, it becomes a matter of focusing on combat and defeating opponents.

    Building a base involves a great deal of attention to detail, including the placement of lumber camps for maximum efficiency when collecting berries and luring boars.

    Although it can be fun, it can also be extremely stressful, given the fact that one misstep can result in an archer invasion of your base.


    thats why I drush at pop 7


    Other way around.

    I find early game micro to be the best part.

    It’s simple and relaxing.

    It’s when I hit late game with a huge economy and now a ton of military to manage that I get frazzled.


    I get it.


    Sir, you should admire this feeling you have.

    For those of us who can’t stop playing because of addictive instincts, such feeling of lethargy is very welcome.

    I have played 4 hrs a day before a scheduled deadline at work, and I just wanted to play one game to relax


    5 minute Deer (luring) Age every game does get tiring


    That’s the reason why I stopped competitive warcraft 3 back in the day.

    I couldn’t stand anymore the alway-the-same 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay.


    When I started, yes.

    Now I can use more starting strats and I adapt to the map, so scouting becomes my way of deciding my build.

    Makes it go quicker and keeps my mind thinking, and if I’m bored I’ll just do a weird strat that the map can maybe just support.


    I think there were so many replies missing your thought train on the mental aspect, focusing on in game resolutions.

    I’m here to level with your idea, and agree, except for me it’s not simply growing tired of the grind in game.


    I watch aoe2 rerun and current games on a daily basis.

    And I itch for gameplay always.

    But for me, alot of the time, I can’t fathom actually sitting down, starting from scratch, and developing a strategy.

    It seems that the more game knowledge I’ve obtained, the more that I realize is on my plate and the higher my apm needs to be to handle all measures of the game is the mental hurdle that deters me from even booting up sometimes, even when I want to play terribly.

    This is a hard game in so many ways.


    Honestly, Empire Wars fits everything you would want to cut down on slow dark age and just get right to the action.

    Granted, it favors aggression more typically, but closed maps are still fun with empire wars too.

    And if Empire Wars is too slow, go Deathmatch.


    That’s why I love empire wars.

    Though it’s noticeable that some civs become a lot better or worse when skipping dark age.

    Mostly the ones with early game bonuses, obviously.


    Play different civs, different strats.

    If you think Dark Age is boring, play civs like Khmer, Portuguese, Gurjaras.

    Go 3 on wood instead of 4 and see your uptime.

    Try superfast Feudal with other civs that get Dark Age bonuses or have Feudal Age spikes like Vikings.

    Practice the pre-mill and/or 2 militia drush.

    Transition to MAA or try straight MAA builds.

    You can even keep the pressure on with Supplies + Skirm to Longsword w Arson.

    If holes are a problem, make sure you check for them extra carefully, or don’t wall with buildings on hilly areas.

    Spice things up by playing without walls, or go for a trush or douche.

    You can even experiment with Magyar vil sneak into archers in enemy base.


    It’s called ladder anxiety


    Empire wars or death match should do in this case



    Literally this was me last night.

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