Ethiopian Teams Often Fail in Late Game Situations

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    At times, I may reach the Imperial Age before my opponent, or with a stronger economy, but I can still be defeated by their large quantity of Skirmishers.

    My typical late game army composition includes either Arbalests, Halberdiers, and Bombard Cannons or Arbalests, Cavalry, and Cannons.

    However, Skirmishers can easily wipe out my Arbalests, and my Cavalry is ineffective at absorbing the damage.

    Additionally, my Cannons are not very effective at taking out a large number of Skirmishers.

    What should I do to counter this situation in the late game?


    Save your ball of arbalests and don’t trade with his skirms.

    Add your own skirms and save your arbs for when he transitions to something else.

    This is supposing you can’t get to torsion engine onagers which will absolutely wreck his skirms, but also may be too expensive.


    Mangonel > Onager > Siege Onager > Siege Engineers > Torsion Engines.


    They get great onagers which mop up halbs and skirms, and with lucky/good micro can at least soften up cavalry, though you’d still want halbs or archers meat shielding.

    Oh and don’t forget their unique unit, it’s great for TC snipes and as a panic option if your base is under attack.

    And they’re solid trash killers.


    Ethiopians have the best archers in feudal age of all the civs, plus get a huge power spike when hitting feudal with the extra resources.

    That is the point you should be doing all your damage with Ethiopians.

    Then when hitting castle, you get another huge power spike from free pikemen and more free resources.

    This should allow you to get so far ahead, so that when you get it imp, you can do what ever you want and it doesn’t matter.

    If you are losing late game with Ethiopians, you aren’t doing enough damage in the early game. 🤷


    Get yourself some torsion engines onagers my dude.

    If you have eco lead or faster imp time, you should be able to get the onager upgrade quickly, torsion engines can come later.

    You can mix in BBC or trebs as needed.


    If you can push before imperial age, get a castle, start trebbing your opponent from there, raid with arbs and when he comes with skirms run under the safety of your castle.

    Preserve arb numbers, and then add your counter to skirms.

    Your counter will depend on the situation, but it can be many things: you can add onagers to counter skirms, bombard cannons, some knights or light cav, or your own skirms.

    Going for your own skirms can be a good idea as you’ll already have ranges + blacksmith upgrades + ballistics & chemistry for your archers, so you just need to research elite skirm and you’re good to go.

    You can trade skirm v skirm all day.

    If then your opponent tries to go for a counter to your skirms, you have options depending on the situation.

    If he goes for cav, you can use your arbs and mix in some halbs towards the very late game when gold starts becoming an issue.

    If he goes for onagers, you add bombard cannons to snipe them.

    In my opinion, you want to be the one pushing as the Ethiopians.

    You don’t have good cav to run and kill enemy trebs, if your opponent is pushing you with trebs your only option is bombard cannons but they are hard to micro and they have very low HP.

    If you can set up a situation where you are trebbing the enemy from under your castles, your arbs ready next to your trebs to kill any cav that tries to snipe your trebs or ready to snipe any bombard cannons that try to snipe your trebs from distance, then Ethiopians really start to shine IMO.

    You’re also lacking mobility as the Ethiopians so you want to also have 2-3 castles defensively positioned to protect your eco from any raids.


    bro use the shotel warrior they rip .

    in combination with skirms if they get countered by archers.

    for maximum trolling add skorpions like 15 .

    i am 1350 Elo☺️


    Learn to use Onager, they are very population efficient for their attack.

    Another option is Scorpion, they are cheap and does very well against Infantry.

    You should also make some Hussars or Camel instead of Halbs.


    I see alot of ppl suggest onagers – bombard cannons do well enough against skirms.

    Just make a few more and if possible get siege engineers and additionally torsion engines.

    Also you can tech into hussar if you need an non gold option – they kinda suck but against skirms its still fine to do them .

    People often times get too stuck in what their civ is good at instead of just playing a counter unit


    Arbalest + BBC is fine for Ethiopians.

    You can technically counter Skirms with the BBC, if you have good enough micro.

    Otherwise you should add Shotels instead of cavalry though.

    Ethiopian cavalry is pretty shit, lacking Bloodlines and the final armour upgrade.

    With Royal Heirs you can create enough Shotels to kill skirms with even a single castle.


    Thanks, how to counter enemy’s BBC.

    Also, is it a good option for Scorpion as cheaper to produce and upgrade.

    But its range only up to 8.


    how good is your BBC micro.

    It may just be a matter of more practice with bbc and figuring out eco/uptime to get siege engineers and torsion earlier to combat the enemy.

    Tossing even a few mangonel with se in play vs skirms May give you some spacing help to micro the bbc and can get the onager upgrade when able

    Otherwise hussar can tank skirm fire well and you can always add your own skirms

    May be obvious but prioritizing SE and torsion over say the halbs or hussar upgrade would be worth looking at.

    Pikes and light cav can do the duty in early imp.







    BBC micro should help vs skirms, but generally Shottels.

    Train really fast, require arb or CA to counter (not sure if Cavalier trade effectively), but I generally beat Ethiopians with CA+hussar civs if they don’t go SO+Halb and wall off their map.

    If I’m full skirm, I’d be very worried about Shottels.

    Even mixing them in in castle age vs skirm defense is effective.

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