Elo System for Choosing Random Civilizations

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    I just achieved a 1000 ELO rating and now I am feeling confident with my gameplay.

    I am curious to know at what ELO level players start choosing random civilizations.

    Also, when does having a broader knowledge about different civilizations become significant in improving one’s game sense?


    ELO for random civ ranges from around 300-2749.


    I would say civ knowledge probably doesn’t really matter till like 2k (this is coming from 1300 ELO pleb).

    When I really look critically at my game, the vast majority of my losses come not because my opponent used his civs strengths better than I did, but because he did not mess up his build order in Dark Age.

    Or he did not forget to make enough production buildings

    Or he spent his resources

    Or he got to castle age faster etc.

    Or his Spanish archers hit my base before I had any skirms around (I did not scout) and just wrecked me eco.


    I think you should start as soon as you want too.

    I found that my ELO was quite up and down for a while but you will start to get a feel for a lot of civs and at least figure out which you are good/bad or enjoy playing.

    Then I think you will get steady progression again when you are comfortabke with most civs.

    I usually pick civ with random left open, I prefer getting random.


    If you mean enabling random option this becomes pretty common from like 1400 or 1500 I guess and the higher you go the more common it get to a point where on 1800 I’d say around three quarters of games are random civ.

    Also might depend in maps.

    Mega random is pretty obvious candidate.

    In my experience people tend to play random on their favorite maps.

    If I unban arabia most games are random.

    If I ban arabia and get the classic nobody wants this one map oftentimes I don’t get random.

    If I get arena it’s almost always random (apart from some turk pickers but that’s essentially the same 2 or 3 guys).

    That’s at least a pattern I observed.


    I ranged from 1000 to 1200 i do not care about civ picking, i see people always pick civs.

    If you go random frequently, at one point you’ll know a bit of every civ.


    Douche or cheap archers.



    And so forth.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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