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    Hello, my Xbox 1v1 ELO rating is currently at 1437.

    I have only 1 loss, resulting in a 96% win rate.

    I am wondering what level of ELO is required to participate in tournaments or gain access to registration and invitations.



    You should sign up for the new king of the desert tourney, I think you’re ready.


    That means you have 24 wins, right?

    Then 24:1 a pretty good winrate, but you cannot be considered experienced (unless you have hours into AoE2 from another source, of course) with that amount of games.

    You *must* be good to have that winrate, for sure, so you should compete in tournaments at a high level. 🙂


    My Xbox ELO is 1555 – 33rd – WallaWalla gamer tag.

    I will say this, the difference between a 1437 and 1600 is huuuuuuuge.

    That being said, your win rate is impressive but see how you do against 1600+, it’s a different game.


    You’ll have to start playing mouse&keyboard, controller playing is irrelevant for high level competitive play.

    And to be honest there is a huge skill gap between the two.


    To get into tournaments I think it’s like 2000+?


    There are tournaments for all elos, you can be 500 and still participate in a tournament if you find an open elo one.

    The tournament scene for casual players is pretty nice tbh

    If you mean tournament with prize pool well…

    Mostly you’re gonna want to be much higher than that

    And also take into account 1500 controller is significantly lower than 1500 mouse and keyboard.

    That might change over time but currently there is a significant gap between the two ladder, there is a reason they’re separated.


    The xbox ladder elo and PC ladder elo are two completely different things.

    The xbox ladder is still so new that 99% of the players are less skilled than average pc player, so a 1500 elo on xbox ladder is roughly as skilled as a 900 elo PC player, which is below average.

    I guess with time the xbox ladder will improve but currently the overall skill level is very weak compared to PC ladder.


    It’s decent.

    I recommend enabling crossplay so you can get matched against players with mouse and keyboard on a seperate ladder.

    If you reach around 2000 Elo you can probably take part in some tournaments, but that would take years of practise and may be impossible on a controller.

    The Xbox supports mouse and keyboard too, though.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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