Eliminate Ratha’s Vulnerability to Skirmishers

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    Ever heard of light cav?

    Other cav archer civs also go hussar ca instead of pure ca late game.


    Maybe give them the last armor upgrade for champions so they can successfully counter skirm halb


    I agree.

    At MINIMUM remove the Archer armour class while in melee form.

    The guy literally picks up a shield but armour stays the same???



    In larger enough numbers Ratha can get inside Skrims min range and ignore their high pierce armour.

    No other Cav Archer unit can do that.

    Rathas are a Cav Archer unit 1st, without the skirm bonus damage they would be a OP unit.


    Honestly I don’t think being weak to skirmishers per se is the issue with Rathas, their problem is that their strengths don’t justify such a weakness.

    For example, Conqs and Mangudais are weak to skirms as well, but being great to micro, having good mobility and high attack more than makes up for that because all of these three are things is what you want on a CA unit.

    What Rathas offer you boils down to being a tankier (but slower and clunkier.

    Have you tried microing these things?

    I have, it’s horrible 11) CA with the ability to switch to a better version of a generic cavalier.

    The switching capability is cool, but as hussite wagons have shown us, just because a mechanic is cool it does not necessarily mean it is useful.

    As for the tankiness, Bengalis have access to the tankiest of elephant archers, so why would you invest into castles (except for Paiks), when you can just go into archery ranges? “But you see Rathas on fortress!” Yes, because you start with a castle so it is not that hard to go with them.


    So, do I think Rathas need some kind of change?

    Yes, but I would work towards something like increasing their ranged attack or just giving Bengalis thumb ring, mostly for the accuracy (of course this would mean changing Paiks a little, like making the attack speed increase less on ranged Rathas and Elephant archers, while keeping it the same on melee Rathas, Battle elephants and Armoured elephants)


    That said, I do agree that Bengalis are weak to trash in general, but then again that’s an issue with the tech tree, not the Ratha itself.


    They can’t because Ratha’s are actually insane without that weakness.

    Think about it, in melee form they have almost the same stats as a knight but they cost wood instead of food.

    Honestly they should just rework the unit.

    There is no way to fulfill the ranged/melee big unit fantasy without them being strong asf.


    This deserves atleast an one try in a PUP.

    If it’s OP, it can be reverted


    I think even if the armor class stays the same, the melee form should have some kind of bonus damage resistance, like the Cataphract.

    I think both forms have to have the same armor class for upgrade reasons, and if that is the case, then my solution would help mitigate this weakness quite a bit.


    And 650 stone, 1300 if you want a real production going combined with taking bonus dmg from everything and 1 less pierce armor until imp, despite


    And it’s a feature that is very easy to balance: Just give them an Archer and Cav Archer armor class value of 1, and their Skirm weakness will be reduced.

    Don’t forget that it is a strong unit that, due to extra modes, it becomes far more difficult to micro.

    They should get sth to compensate

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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