DonJon isn’t a pre requisite building anymore??

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    Played a game on Haboob.

    Could not click up yo castle with a DonJon + market.

    What’s up with that?

    Is it a bug or did they get nerfed?

    Why nerf a bum Civ like Sicilians anyway?

    So confused why aggressive bonuses continue to get taken out of the game.

    Celts dark age militia, Inca vils, Berber vils, goths.


    As harooooo1 said, it’s a prereq for Stable and Range; it itself isn’t a prereq for Castle Age.

    You can think of this like a sidegrade.

    That is, you save building a Barracks in Dark Age (can be good, esp.

    if you aren’t making the Militia line), which saves you wood for stone, but it comes at the costs of having to build a Donjon in Feudal Age, and correspondingly not being to drop a Stable/Range *immediately* on advancing to Feudal, which you could have done if you had built the Barracks in Dark Age.


    You could or couldn’t?

    Anyways, Donjon was never counted as a pre-requisite building for the age up to Castle Age

    the only thing that was changed is that the Donjon now acts as a pre-requisite for unlocking Archery Range and Stable.


    Inca vils have always been generic in Dark Age, what Goth change are you thinking of as well?

    Also Donjons have never worked how you’re describing.


    Haboob naughty naughty


    To clarify, I typo’d.

    I could not click up


    You do realize “DonJon” is not a person, right?


    It never worked the way you wanted it, but it should!!

    It’s current form is almost useless due to the delay and ultimate need for rax for tech anyway.

    and even when it was initially suggested (even to train spears) we said it should count for aging up as well.

    But Devs only got half the message so didn’t add the age up


    Only good usually for 1v1 defensive play.

    Tg the donjon takes too long to build and you won’t have the archers or scouts in time.

    This is just from experience I play Sicilians as a main

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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