DLC Proposal: Ming Empire (China’s Gunpowder Age) – Mandate of Heaven Civilization

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    As I am not skilled at creating graphics like Klamocalypse, I will compensate with more detailed ideas.

    This post aims to generate interest for a much-needed Chinese upgrade, similar to the successful Dynasty of India DLC.

    The Ming civilization would focus on gunpowder and defense.

    Villagers would be more expensive but the training time for two would be reduced to 37.5 seconds.

    Additionally, farms would provide extra food in each age and repairing costs would be reduced.

    Technology costs would be lower as well and masonry would have double bonuses.

    The team bonus would enable access to the Huolongchushui upgrade, and the unique techs would include Lotus Bunch (providing additional projectiles for hand cannoneers, siege cannons, and cannon galleons), and Sea Ban (which transforms Fishing Ships into Heavy Demolition Ships).

    The unique unit, Fire Lance, would be effective against elephants, cavalry, camels, mamelukes, siege, and ram units.

    Specializing further, the Treasure Ship naval unit would receive a new blast radius bonus for its melee attack, along with increased armor and range.

    In terms of the tech tree, the Camel and Parthian Tactics would not be available while the Bombard Cannon, Siege Engineer, and Elite Cannon Galleon would be.

    The Ming, having defeated the Mongols and established a unified China, had an army with significant gunpowder capabilities.

    However, besieging fortifications in China required different tactics, and so they used gunpowder to fight enemy troops instead.

    Additionally, the Ming improved the Fire Lance to increase its efficiency against well-armored enemies.


    Why don’t you just keep the Chinese like normal people?

    Or rename them Han if Chinese is too blanket for those people?




    This is a weird bonus.

    Kinda like persian tc bonus but different.

    To make 2 vills it usually takes 50 secs but with the ming it takes 37.5, so 33.34% more.

    I imagine this will a fun but really powerful bonus that will need deer pushing to be useful.

    But this is kinda absurd, like you’ll be able to pull off a 22 vill scrush or something while having a good uptime.

    I think a nerf should be done.


    Useful but not necessary, you already have a good boom thanks to creating vills so quickly.


    Literally useless aside from imperial age, repairing is not costly, but SLOW, I think having repairers repair as fast as builders would be a better bonus.

    Or even repair 50% or 3x faster instead


    Does this include age up?

    Otherwise this is a great gold bonus, saving a lot of gold per tech but because you have no paladins or siege onagers it should be fine. (Doing some math if you go archers you can save like a few 100 gold on crossbow and bodkin, and you’ll save A LOT on arb+bracer)


    This is fine, not broken

    TB: More details later but I like team units

    Unique techs/Units/Buildings:

    Castle age UT: Wait is this a castle age gunpowder tech?

    Also does the projectile get bonus damage vs infantry or not?

    No matter what though this is just bad TBH, like I guess you’re better vs skirms and huskarls?

    Imperial age UT: Why?

    Just why?

    Why not make it a castle age tech that gives them little bows for defense or something?

    Fire Lancer: So it’s an expensive kamayuk with a charge attack?

    Like it sounds good but too close to other units, it seems a bit cheap for its abilities but it’s good.

    Unique Scorpion: So just a better scorpion?

    OK so it has +1 range (no siege engineers so not really +1), more pierce armor, and attack?

    I expected more.

    Unless there’s something I’m missing this unit is just a slightly stronger hs?

    Conclusion: Their bonuses are great but their unique units and techs aren’t, fire lancers just feel like kamayuks+coustilliers and their gunpowder focus is entirely because of 1 tech and no bonuses?

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