Did you all love discovering the map before researching ‘cartography’?

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    I love the unknown.

    I love aoe2


    When I was a kid I’d either play on explored or give myself an AI ally just so I could rush cartography in feudal, because I just couldn’t be bothered scouting the map properly 11.

    Too busy managing my sick 1 TC 25 vil eco


    I didn’t really like that the tech had to be researched.

    However I really don’t like that vision is given in dark age before the market is built.

    It’s a small change and I’m probably being overly critical about it.

    But it does dumb down the game a bit, it takes away the, “do I lay down another range, or make a market to better communicate with my teammate.”


    Scouting sure, but the old lack of shared team vision, no.

    That was always a bad mechanic considering people may or may not be on voice comms.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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