Deflection for Teutonic Knights

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    In AOE3 there is a feature of some units such as the Hospitaller ([](, which allows damage to be distributed to nearby units.

    For example, the unit is damaged and receives 70%?

    of the attack while the other 30% is distributed to nearby units.

    I was thinking that this feature would be very good for TKs, since it would take great advantage of their tanking characteristics despite their slowness.

    My proposal would be that the Tks gain this skill and that dmg distribution will only apply to other Tks, and of course, the distribution value, range effect etc.

    can be adjusted.


    I’d like for Teutonic knights to be classified as monks and be affected by monk techs.

    imagine that you would need atonement to convert and they would be able to carry relics (but no healing or conversions).

    I’d like for them to be more viable..

    so a bit faster with fervor, 15 more HP with Sanctity and maybe gain something for some other tech.


    I really like the feature.

    Reminds me of the soul link ability in wacraft 3.

    I don’t think Teutonic knights need this ability brcause they’d be even more unkillable.

    I’d love it for other/future units, maybe squishy ones.


    I don’t know if this Deflection would be a good mechanic for AoE2, but I could definitely see TKs getting an unique mechanic that makes them see more play, specially since Teutons now also get Melee Armor bonus on their other units, which further disincentive TK play.



    Idk, I think we’re fine with the amount of mechanics we have right now.

    If TKs need something to shine I’d rather go for something already exisiting, like the other comment suggesting to let them carry relics.


    TKs are fine as is and definitely do not need a buff.

    But I don’t mind the mechanic on other infantry units, especially ones that are always used in a ball/mass.


    This seems more like a nerf…like basically everyone becomes slav infantry/scorpion against Teutons

    If Teutons needs something it’s Crusader knights.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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