“Critical Balance Idea for Common Unit” – A Proposal for Maintaining Balance in a Common Unit.

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    It is common knowledge that the Aztec and Inca civilizations heavily rely on creating mass Xolotl warriors from converted stables.

    However, due to lacking cavalry technologies, these warriors are inferior to knights in terms of their base stats.

    Therefore, I propose that the Xolotl warriors’ base stats should be equivalent to a fully upgraded knight.

    This would make them stronger in terms of health and armor in both castle and imperial ages.

    Since the Xolotl warrior civilizations already possess attack upgrades, only the imperial age version would require an attack adjustment.

    Ultimately, if someone manages to convert a stable as Aztecs or Incas in a real match, they should be rewarded with the ability to produce Xolotl warriors who are as good as knights.


    If you play Empire Wars they actually do get an auto upgrade, so Meso civs aren’t disadvantaged if they capture a Stable

    IMO they should benefit from Barracks general techs, infantry armour upgrades, and the UT2s of their respective civs i.e.

    Garland Wars, Fabric Shields & El Dorado


    Keep it simple, make it reflect the age of the American civ player.

    Castle age?

    Xolotl warriors get +2/+2 Armour

    Imperial age?

    Xolotl warriors get +3/+4 armour

    It’s a power spike behind a condition that a stable be converted, so it is reasonable imo.

    If the enemy was silly enough to not delete the stable before it was converted, they cannot blame the power spike.


    I’m still waiting for Alpaca warriors


    If they kept their food cost or maybe even made it 10 higher and reduced their gold cost to like 35 I think it’d be good.

    Make them more justifiable to make but not free chainbarding from a monk rush (along with high food demand to make it not as compatible with the eco of monk rush)


    Xolotel warriors can be upgraded by attack upgrades.

    But they just lack the Armor.

    Instead, of giving they armour then they can get hp(+)20 upgrade when they age up.

    They would as good as or slightly better than FU hussar.


    >As we all know, producing mass xolotl warriors from converted stables is a key portion of the Aztec and Inca gameplans.

    Citation needed?

    Xolotls are more like an optional add-on.

    I’d say it’s rare to see cases where you can convert enough stables to really sustain mass production, which means a lot more than 1-2.

    There’s many ways your opponents can play where you don’t get much chance to convert a stable at all – you could even end up in a meso matchup.

    If your game plan relies on xolotls, it won’t work more often than not.


    Xolotl warriors should act like Konnicks


    They’re not meant to use the unit.

    It’s just a trinket.


    They never rode a horse in their lives and now they end up being better than the european counterparts just because they stole their buildings and horses?


    You’re memeing, but accidentally letting a stable get converted and seeing the monk rush player pump out BL +2/+2 knights is not okay.

    Would be fun in campaigns, though.

    The ones you get in the penultimate Aztec mission should really have some good upgrades.


    Put the blacksmith upgrades directly into the meso stable.

    No husbandry, no bloodlines.

    Also have the imperial age UT apply to Xolotl warriors.


    also should get an achievement for making one.

    obvious miss


    Mayans should get a [Wish.com](https://Wish.com) version of redemption where the only thing they can convert is enemy stables.


    They should produce mounted villagers

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