Counteracting Indians in Telugu States?

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    Our team was completely annihilated by this civilization.

    They utilized the strategy of building small turtle walls with a fast castle and we failed to effectively counter it.

    To make matters worse, they began producing camels and then progressed to imperial camel riders.

    Despite our attempts to counter with crossbow/archers and pike, their vast number of camels would attack our army and defeat us easily.

    My kill-to-death ratio was 35/183 despite one of the battles taking place under our castle.

    It was unclear how they were able to amass so much power so quickly.

    Was this simply a civilization that specializes in eco-booms and spamming one unit, or did we make mistakes in our strategic counters?


    theoretically that army comp should beat camels.

    what was your production like?

    were you missing upgrades, were their units fully upgraded?


    also, you kind of alluded to it but generally, any civ thats able to pull off a good boom is going to be hard to stop


    Fast Castle can be punished by a more aggressive Feudal approach.

    Small walls might stop scouts, but they don’t stop archers.

    Consider this, Camels have nowhere the amount of stopping power as a Knight, and they can be killed by even Feudal Archers with fletching because of their 0 base pierce armor.

    A FC can only make so many Camels because of their poor food eco and getting kicked off gold means sure death.

    If you anticipate a FC opening, pivot to the pocket and punish them hard.

    The flank can hold off the enemy flank by mixing in a few skirms, because the pocket isn’t making scouts to punish.


    Hindustanis do get an eco bonus, but not a super op one.

    It’s more likely the player using them was just playing very well and managed his eco better than everyone else.

    Camels shouldn’t beat pikes unless there is a massive disparity in numbers/upgrades.

    I recommend rewatching the replay to see for sure which of these happened.


    Sounds like you just got outplayed.

    Xbow/arbs counter camels (even hindustani ones), and small wall FC should die within 10 minutes if your timings are sharp (because camels cant clean up feudal archers).

    Ofc if he goes for a super greedy build like FC into boom and you fail to punish him, he overruns you later on.

    But that has nothing to do with the camels.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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