Consider Delaying Shared Exploration Until Treaty Is Complete to Avoid Annoyance for Nomads

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    While shared exploration may be a positive move, Nomad finds it bothersome.

    It might be more appropriate to commence after the treaty’s conclusion rather than from the outset.


    Please No.

    Shared exploration makes communication smooth especially when people are not in same voice channel.

    Makes life easier.

    Please learn how to play.


    Did you recently lose a nomad match?


    Yeah, or have some other way to tell which villa are yours more easily…


    I think I’d prefer Shared Exploration to activate when the TC is built, but I have gotten used to the change.

    It’s fine on African Clearing and Land Nomad because you can press select all idle villager, but on Nomad you need to move one vill to the shoreline with most civs so it’s a bit more annoying.


    Simple solution, great idea, I really hope they add this to the game.


    Honestly, easy enough to get used to even in nomad.

    Just mash idle vill key until all vills are moving are you should be able to scan the minimap to see where you are


    I’m a noob and Nomad scares me.


    Maybe there could be a way to enable the shared exploration only for ally town center foundations.

    That way a team player can interpret the map with their own exploration while respecting ally locations.

    Once the treaty is over then the ally exploration can be fully shared.


    Another day, another 600 elo complaining because he doesn’t play Nomad right


    just press ‘select all idle villager’ or ‘team colors’ hotkey


    So many times I’ve come across docks being built inside, well, practically ponds.

    Then they’d try to make up for it by fish traps which is even funnier.



    Just select all villagers.

    Hot key them.


    I don’t think this is a real issue.

    Fairly simple ways of using the hot key for your idle villagers.

    Especially when you know it is coming.

    Takes minimal time to do and get the same effect as before.


    cant you just activate team colours (alt+g if i remember correctly)?

    should be pretty easy to differentiate blue and yellow dots

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