Concerns Arising from Recent Update

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    Hello everyone,
    I’m interested in knowing what problems you’ve encountered since the new patch was released.

    Today, my friend and I played 2v2s on PC, and both experienced freeze-ups around the time we were upgrading to the castle age.

    This was frustrating as we were winning both games, and our crashes forcefully closed the game.

    After reopening, our mods were all turned off again.

    Furthermore, my villagers were unusually placed beside their HP bars, requiring me to click the space next to them instead of the actual character.

    In addition, I encountered a few sheep with no HP bar and couldn’t select them for several seconds.

    These issues are all new to me, and I’m curious to hear what challenges the rest of you have faced.


    MAke sure that none of you are using overlays such as Discord overlay, Nvidia overlay or even Steam overlay.

    About the villagers issue…

    Do you have a picture?

    Do you ahve this issue if you disable mods?


    I was crashing almost every game until the most recent patch and I haven’t had a single crash since (and haven’t played a game where anyone has dropped early either), so I’m liking the new patch a lot.

    Sucks to hear you’re having trouble with it, I play with a few friends and no one’s had any issues with this patch.

    I do have vils sometimes go idle on wood but that’s nothing new for me.

    Make sure windows and your gpu drivers are up to date, reinstall the game, run no mods and use discord on your phone and don’t have it rubbing on your pc.

    These were all things that helped in some ways when I was having lots of crashes.

    If that fixes things introduce 1 new thing at a time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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