Can we please get new OG music in future expansions?

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    I think it’s no secret that the soundtrack in AoE2 is simply legendary.

    specifically the OG version, not DE.


    Vitalis Eirich has composed new music for Rise of the Rajas and The Last Khan expansions.

    These even had the same or similar sound system that Stephen Rippy used.

    the former composer for AoE2.

    No wonder why his music blends so well with the old tracks.


    It would be so great to be able to get new music.

    I would pay for this as a mini DLC, good quality should also be rewarded.

    For example, the fact that there weren’t any in The African Kingdoms is a mystery to me.

    African soundtrack would definitely have added something unique.

    Now my appeal to the devs.


    Can we please get some new OG style music please?


    [\_channel=VitalisEirich]( Rise of the Rajas

    [\_channel=VitalisEirich]( The Last Khans


    Yes, please.

    It’s been something I’ve been missing in the last DLCs.

    An expansion do not feel complete without new music tracks.

    Dynasties of India is a wasted opportunity in that regard


    Those sound tracks are pretty cool!


    HD Edition’s Diamond Dragon is peak AoE2 music


    If you want the Original CD-ROM Music from 1999, check out my mod!

    Search my user: “UnluckyForSome”


    My problem is that there is already too much OST.

    Like over 2 hours of music.

    For a game where matches usually take less than 1 hour.

    I almost never hear the themes that are at the end of the tracklist unless I change the OST preferences.

    So I would say that civ themes are enough.


    Honestly I wish we would have had 3 new tracks for each expansion.

    I didn’t really feel this need that much during HD, but since I play my games with the soundtrack playlist set to Dynamic, it can get somewhat jarring when you’re playing as an African civ and the Southeast Asian tracks play, or if you’re playing as Burgundians and you hear the very much steppe-inspired tracks that came with The Last Khans.

    I know it’s too much wishful thinking to ask for them to add new tracks “retroactively” to fit the old civs, but at least for civs coming with new expansions they could consider doing it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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