Can Team Perks be Stacked?

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    Suppose you are playing as the Hun civilization along with your friend who is also playing as the Hun.

    The Hun civilization receives a 20% bonus for stable work speed.

    Does this mean that you both get a total bonus of 40%, or is the bonus capped at 20% for both of you?


    Nope, it only applies once no matter how many teammates have the same civ.

    So having multiple of the same civ in a team game is a bit of a waste.


    Team bonuses do not stack, but one thing that *does* is the Berber unique tech Kasbah which makes all team members’ castles work faster.

    If you have 3 Berber allies your castles are ultra efficient.

    This is why the fastest producing unit in the game is Shotel Warriors with Royal Heirs, Conscription and 3x Kasbah.


    No so you want complimentary bonuses instead.

    At least as far as I know

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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