Can Military Building and Blacksmith Upgrades Impact Unique Units?

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    Greetings everyone!

    I have recently become deeply invested in playing aoe2 de and I am currently focused on developing my gaming strategies.

    I am specifically playing as the Poles and I have a query concerning my unique Obuch unit.

    I would like to know if the unit can benefit from upgrades such as squires or arson available in the infantry building, or if blacksmith infantry upgrades also impact its performance.

    Alternatively, is it only the Elite Obuch upgrade in castles that can enhance their abilities?

    Thank you for your help!



    If it says “infantry” (e.g.

    arson) it affects all infantry including unique units.

    If it says “Barracks” (e.g.

    Malian pierce armor bonus) unique units are excluded

    If it says [unit name] (e.g.

    supplies) it affects only that unit and its upgraded versions (supplies is militia, man at arms, longswordsman, two handed swordsman, champion)


    Any upgrades that apply to infantry in general apply.

    Blacksmith techs are crucial for basically all infantry/archer/cav units.


    You can read in-game description of units what buildings upgrades them


    [Here]( are all information about obuch including all updates that possibly affect him


    Yep, gets bsmith upgrades and barracks upgrades, just like another infantry unit.

    Some UUs are weird though, like some get siege upgrades, some get cav upgrades, some get infantry upgrades, some get gunpowder upgrades, some get archer upgrades and arambai get flaming darts from chemistry but don’t get +1 damage from it.


    Also, will be your new friend

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