Can Imps Be Quickly Upgraded to Arbalests?

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    I have observed that Liereyy is the only player who uses this strategy.

    Is it a practical strategy?

    It appears to be an extremely difficult strategy to counter since the player gains an advantage by killing 1-4 vills or some army, retreats back to their base, advances to castle age while continuously massing crossbows.

    The player can easily hold any pressure with palisades and possibly a few monks.

    When they reach the next age, they upgrade to arbalest and make a final push leading to a victory.


    It was quite popular and probably the reason vikings got nerfed.

    Also arbalest is so freaking expensive nowdays it probably dosent work.


    hmm i think there are some weaknesses:

    a) clicking up early leaves you vulnerable to castle age push with lots of mangonels, especially on arabia with lots of hills around your base, and often you have to build a castle at home to defemd that

    b) the aggressive potential can be stopped by defensive structures in key locations (iirc viper defended a fast imp arb push vs vinchester?

    the other day by just having 5 tcs)

    edit: dont get me wrong i think it is still a very strong play on some maps and civ matchups.

    im just trying to answer the question why it is not ubiquitous/overpowered etc


    Guard towers and raid is a pretty common response.

    If you’re not way ahead on eco as the guy not going fast imp, you’re probably gg because it means either 1) you were already super behind and were dead way earlier, or 2) you did a 1 TC push and weren’t able to kill a guy making relatively little army.


    Was very good but got nerfed by arbalest nerf.

    Problem is a defensive well positioned castle.

    You are banking on your arb push to do well and don’t really have time for siege.

    Defensive castle(s) and walls can hold you off a long time.

    I think there are civs for which it is still quite good.

    Bohemians and Ethiopians for example.

    But most civs are better off playing a more economic castle age it seems.


    It’s situational, works best if you can get a forward castle down in late Castle Age.

    Map control and forward siege with a big blob of xbows, walled behind to prevent raiding, straight into trebs.

    If you don’t have a way to push defensive castles you’ll stall and your time window might run out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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