Builders of order oppose the British. It’s a plea for help

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    There is a warning of a significant amount of anger towards the Britons civ in this statement.

    The speaker has tried various strategies to defeat them, but has been unsuccessful.

    They have asked for advice on how to beat them, but the responses they have received have been vague and unhelpful.

    They are specifically looking for a clear and detailed game plan on how to defeat the Britons.

    The speaker’s frustration is evident, as their win rate against this civ is only 28%.




    Aren’t britons crossbowmen outranging siege anyway?


    Fast castle rams and knights?

    Tower drop?

    Persian douche?

    Wall in their res?


    You seem to be confusing build order and strategy.

    Aoe is a strategy game so what you need to do to win a game depends on the game in question, ie what civ you have, what map you play and how your opponent plays.

    Generally a comp consisting of one somewhat tanky melee unit, skirms and siege ram works well vs britons but how exactly you make that comp work is for you to figure out.


    Knights, hussars & skrims Never fight them directly with the knights unless you have upgrades and they don’t.

    They do a ‘slow’ push sitting back with their arbs/long bows and trebs.

    Mass skrims to slow the push and find opportunities to hit their eco with hussars/knights.

    Other things you can do is depending on the map expand your base far.

    They push slow and move slow.

    They don’t have raiding capabilities so by making tcs all over you can keep your eco up even if they are stream rolling one area.

    Their early imp to mid imp is where they need to end a game, delay with skrims & raid constantly.


    The people who say “attack them with siege in early castle” are talking utter nonsense.

    Britons are the BEST civ in the game at stopping siege pushes in castle age because their xbows make siege useless.

    The problem with your idea of “you need a build order” assumes the existence of generic units that can beat Britons as any civ.

    No, half of the civs in the game, if not more have no answer to Britons.

    You just die if they play properly.

    But the rest of the civs have very easy wins.

    Koreans 1 range skirms into war wagons is a free win.

    Eagle civs get a super easy time of it.

    But none of these are generic options.


    What map are you playing?

    Goths huskarl hard counters longbow men.

    Siege ram works great since longbowmen tickle them.

    Even if britons is great at BF/ Arena I’ve won against people a couple 100 Elo higher with celts.

    Stalling until i had a decent amount of siege rams.

    If you have a late game advantage like this you can force them to attack into you and set up a surround.


    I’ve played as the Brits and rams were a big problem for them


    Try massing siege onagers with drill.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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