Buff Barracks, Not Infantry

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    Even after a series of buffs to the militia line over the years they remain unpopular in the meta, especially in Castle Age.

    And with those series of buffs, they are at a tipping point where many more buffs to the unit stats may make them too strong.

    Instead, I suggest a buff to the barracks as a whole, to make infantry power plays in Castle Age an equivalent option to going Imp.

    1) Decrease the wood cost from 175W -> 125W.

    2) Decrease the construction time from 50s to 40s.

    Most builds will profit from these changes (sorry Khmer, Sicilians) and this will speed up the transition of game play in early Feudal, but also give more time for militia to have an impact on the battlefield.

    3) In Castle Age, give the barracks a 20% buff to work rate.

    Increasing the work rate, will help any civ start the transition back towards infantry and its many upgrades (40s + 40s + 20s + 25s) \* 20% is a 25s faster transition.

    Infantry wills spawn in 18s rather than 22s, allowing them to produce in 2/3rds the time of a crossbow (27s).

    Building 3 additional barracks will save 30s and 150W (2.5 farms, \~wood cost for an accompanying mangonel).

    These buffs will get even stronger in Imp with full boom allowing for more power plays there with the decreased transition time.


    I think militia line need a bonus against building and villager

    Indeed they counter nothing and still cost gold.

    So if they have a bonus against villagers they really become dangerous.

    Last game I had one scout and three Viking maa with +1 attack and lost against 8 villagers in feudal….

    Which is not realistic at all…


    I have the solution

    +999 attack


    Bad suggestion.

    First of all doesn’t do much.

    Everyone needs a barracks, only saves a tiny bit on 2nd and 3rd rax.

    Just buff the build time of MaA/Longswords.

    Those could drastically drop without it having much effect besides making infantry easier to go into and not really changing most opening builds.


    Barracks cheapers?

    More archers in feudal and faster meta


    If buffs to infantry can’t be an option due to powercreep/overbuff, they can implement nerfs to the alternatives, archers and calvalry.


    more damage vs buildings and/or villagers tbh!

    like a lot times MAA can end games if opponent fails to quickwall.

    Considering how MAA are so slow and clumsy (fr Longsword attack animation compared to MAA is sooo smoother), and melee pathing in DE all aid in them being less effective than they can be.

    On Arabia meta, everyone above the 15-1600 level have become good enough to quickwall MAA out, and so a direct range opening just counters a MAA opening (especially if its a generic civ doing MAA).

    For certain civs like japanese, malians who have better MAA and also have wood savings, you can quickly follow up with a range + blacksmith to match the archer opening with fletching skirms, in which case the game plan becomes trying to keep the MAA alive

    But most generic civs have to gamble with MAA, its either hope the enemy fails and you kill 2-3 vils else basically fall so much behind in eco and farm count and ranged numbers.


    What i would like to see is militia line get +1/+2/+3 or some sort of bonus vs buildings, and possibly against villagers too. (I saw the Armenians Longsword rush in feudal age by Daut vs Hera and it goes hard tbh, LS just bust through feudal walls **and** their attack animation is so much smoother that they shred vils)


    Another thing I would like to see is maybe a wood costing tech for MAA.

    Like supplies costing food just work against them in feudal age when food is so short, especially considering you also need to get armor if you want the MAA to be viable vs archers.

    I wished it cost wood-gold instead, and I also wished they get one more tech in feudal in the barracks (just gambesons but in feudal age, but if not armor, then speed or hp or something) as it would be a viable tech to get in counter to enemy just playing full skirms


    That implicitly buffs eagles which don’t need a buff.

    Just increase work rate for militia


    >this will speed up the transition of game play in early Feudal

    Yeah, this is exactly the reason why we should not do it


    The issue is that there isnt a gold triangle the way there is a trash triangle.

    Skirm counters spear which counters scout which counters skirm.

    But arch counters Swords which doesnt counter knights which kinda counter arch.

    Instead you have the classic rock paper scissors with swords “countering” trash.

    So if you made it so swords cost effectively countered knights you get that triangle again where swords get some play in castle.


    Every day another crazy idea to buff infantry that will backfire if it were implemented for real.


    I agree. [Buff Baracks](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/495818240202904505/) always welcome!


    Unpopular opinion: give them the ability to snare, so they can force longer melee fights and make hit and run tactics by cav units more risky.


    They need a niche honestly.

    Maybe give them bonus damage against siege, trash units and camels.

    Let archers remain a hard counter and knights a soft counter.


    A Vill bonus and a slight production speed upgrade would make them very playable.

    If I do all the hard work of actually catching villagers in feudal age I should be able to kill them rather than just injuring them before they run to their TC

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