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    I have previously played games on my old Dell laptop with 6GB ram and an i5 processor, but I experience really poor frame rates late in the game (like 1 per minute).

    I also tried playing on Xbox with 500 population and 8 players, but the game suffered from stuttering and low frame rates.

    Additionally, it was difficult to find online games on Xbox.

    Can you recommend any solutions to this issue?


    Would 16 gb ram and 11/12th gen i5 or i7 be good enough?

    Help I’m a computer noob lol


    Assuming you want a new laptop, essentially any modern gaming laptop (as in one that has a dedicated GPU) is more than enough.

    Depending on your budget, 16 GB of RAM is nice to have but not absolutely essential, especially with a dedicated GPU, and the exact model of the GPU or CPU really don’t matter, even an i3 or Ryzen 3 alongside a GTX 1650 will suffice unless you want to play with the 4K texture pack.

    Even if you don’t want a gaming branded laptop, anything from less than 5 years ago with 16 GB of RAM should be fine.

    The RAM is pretty much the biggest and only bottleneck with this game, which is kinda funny since the original system requirements were 32 megabytes instead of gigabytes.


    Uhhh 500 pop limit 8 player late games are always very likely to be incredibly slow…


    Buy any cpu from ryzen 5 5600+, Intel 11600+, 8 GB standar gpu and 16 gigs of ram is the bare minimun


    4,000 units on the map at once is going to cause lag no matter how good your PC is.


    Buy a pc with a recent gen cpu (this is the most important part, core count doesn’t matter), 16 gb ram and if you can afford dedicated gpu (integrated is fine too as long you play on 1080p).

    I’d recommend to buy desktop pc.

    If it has to be laptop make sure it’s a gaming laptop because otherwise you’re device will run too hot and performance will be bad even if you have good hardware (this is pretty much guaranteed if you intend to play 8 player 500 pop).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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