Best Anti-Meta Civilization for Arena: Who Reigns Supreme?

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    As I read a post on Reddit discussing whether the Italians are the ultimate anti-meta pick for the Arena civilization, I noticed that there were various contradictory responses.

    This led me to question if there is actually a civilization that can tackle all the most excellent Arena options and, if yes, which one is it?


    Poles/Teutons Trush and dictate the game.

    It takes away their BO and forces them to adapt, which many mid&low elo clowns cant do, because Arena is just an execution fest in their eyes.

    They pick Arena because they want to force their BO onto you.

    You flip that around and be faster with a Trush and make them react instead of act.


    Cumans trush into 2 tc 40ish pop boom and rush during castle age



    If Arena Meta is defined by Scouts, relics, and boom.

    With a few popular strategies like Organs and Jannies thrown in then Aztecs Monks is the best counter play to all these strategies.


    Sicilians TC drop


    Well it’s key to keep in mind the difference between “Is X the best” and “Is X the best *and* meets some other minimum criteria”.

    If you define anti-meta as somehow exploiting weaknesses in meta strategies (as opposed to just overpowering them) then at least you can rank all civs along this criteria.

    Italians or Bohemians are probably the best at this.

    The name of their games are basically specialized counter units, certainly more than other civs which mostly rely on timing (e.g.

    Turks, Portuguese) or brute force/eco (e.g.

    Bengalis, Poles).

    If the criteria is beating all other (ignoring themselves) meta civs reliably, then that list is probably pretty short and you’d probably have to have Turks of Portuguese as the best.

    A mix of both would probably have Bohemians at the top.


    Persian trashbow and Hussar counters everything eventually.


    Well what makes top picks top picks is that they don’t have hard counter picks.

    Italians probably is still your best bet here however the top civs are usually very flexible so they’ll have answers to your counters in some ways.


    Possibly Britons with crazy micro can do the job?

    They have fallen off the radar sort of.


    I think it’s still Italians but if you want a backup answer it’s Byzantines (they’re an anti-meta civ everywhere to be honest but that’s their niche and doesn’t apply any less to Arena).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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