Be Cautious of Your Desires: Feasible Soldiers during the Castle Age

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    It appears that people are excited about the new castle age technology that boosts the pierce armor of infantry by +1.

    This brings more diversity to strategies and can shake up the current meta.

    However, there may be long-term consequences that are not favorable.

    In my opinion, infantry is not as interesting or skillful as archers and knights.

    They lack micro skills and strategic maneuverability.

    If infantry spam becomes the norm, it could be detrimental to the game’s enjoyment.

    It would be boring to watch and frustrating to play against.

    My worry is not about infantry being too strong, even if they are just good enough, it can still be detrimental.

    The current dance between crossbows and knights and their counters in the castle age is engaging and fun.

    I would hate for it to devolve into simple patrol tactics.

    Personally, I find Goth infantry spam to be distasteful, and I wouldn’t want to see similar styles become popular.

    Does anyone else share my concerns?


    I think people will come up with new ways to micro even for infantry if it becomes viable in the meta


    As a player who played a lot trying to use infantry.


    Malians was the only civ that i got any results and reached 1500 elo, trying any other civ lead me to the 900 elo=).

    Malians had this bonus for free in feudal and extra 1 in castle and still just spamming longswords couldnt lead me anywhere, i always had to mix skirmirshers and towers against archers, use gbeto against mangonels, and mix camels against any cavalry civ.

    That requires much more skill that spamming knights what malians can also do.

    I have to constantly split unsplit my longswords to dodge extra arrows, or use small range patrols in front of my skirms.

    Goths are generally bad designed civ, give goth 35% discount to knights instead of infantry it will be as terrible.

    paying 100 food and 100 gold for 1 pierce armor for 1 unit is generally bad tech.

    Infantry still will be a niche unit in high elo games.

    The only civs that will effectivly play infantry will be Malians Vikings and maybe japanese and teutons.


    No stutter-stepping?

    No mango-dodging?

    Just plain, straightforward RTS gameplay?



    i think you are overreacting.

    Infantry won’t become a viable alternative in traditional castle age fights.

    If you go for archers, even +4 pierce armor wont make infantry good against them.

    Archers fire without collision, they can take any fight and do alot of damage in focused shots.

    Cavalry can choose to fight and are fast enough to catch up.

    Knights remain the best melee unit by default.

    Infantry by design dont have those options.

    Infantry cant catch up to knights and cant beat archers.

    They can overwhelm with numbers and can do alot of damage to buildings, but thats it.

    The buff is simply to make them a threat, to make them an option to go for- if the situation calls for it.

    If the enemy doesnt expect them- it might win you the game but if they do it might make you regret.

    Its as simple as that.


    You seem to be confusing overall skill with micro.


    No, the infantry bonus is a great change and will make more civs playable.


    This is definitely a change after months of daily “infantry needs a buff, hear me out” posts


    Goths are the exception to the rule.

    They are insane in the PuP, but other infantry civs are not as much of a ”pump out 20 MMAs by the time you are barely getting to feudal somehow” clownshow.

    Incas, Malay, etc all are stronger but they arent as ludicrously fast.

    I fully expect Goths to get some nerfs when the changes hit live.

    Their MMA rush is too reliable when they have a big bonus for the biggest food source in Dark Age.


    You are absolutely correct.

    The problem is that a majority of the playerbase ~1000 elo, and would be happy to spam one button and win games.


    I think the change will mainly affect skirm performance against the militia line.

    Archers/CA will still hard counter infantry.

    I personally believe that the other civ balance changes will bring big shifts and I’m a fan of reduced research times as well as cost reduction of niche units and techs.

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