Authentic Interest in Individuals Who Select Exclusively S-Tier Civilizations on All Maps

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    Are you guys enjoying playing with Liths on 4 Lakes, Gurjara/Hindus on Arabia, Poles/Bohemians on Arena, Mongols on megarandom/maps rich in hunting, and Spanish on nomad maps?

    This is precisely why we require unlimited bans to steer clear of such players.

    And this is most of the players at the 1200+ level.

    These players are only interested in trying their hardest, queuing up for every map but only choosing top-tier civilizations.


    Let’s add civ bans to the ranked ladder so people would have to risk getting random if their picked civs is banned by the opponent 😉


    2k player and I make sure I picked ONE best civ on maps.

    – I play to learn, hopefully going to be better player
    – random civ simply has too much variance, there are 50*50 civ matchups to memorize (for each map)
    – I dont think I can even master one civ, there are too many differences between civs and a lot of scenarios I need to experience if I random
    – I also dont want to allow myself to blame for civ loss, so I always go for civ win.

    Not allowing any possible excuse (junk map, bad spawn is always doable if you have S tier civ) is key to improve for me (thats why I hate TGs)
    – It is fun to improve, not fun to have crazy variance for each civ I played, like comon if you random into goth or malay you may as well alt+f4 unless the opponent is much weaker than you, that is not fun.


    The rating of these S tier civ pickers will be inflated, as they, like everyone else, will still lose half of their matches.

    Thus, you can have a shot to win against them with whatever civ you like.

    I don’t see the problem.


    If your elo starts with a 1 you can win any civ match up if you try hard enough, especially on chad open maps


    If you play random all the time, you might often run into these try hard S-tier civ pickers.

    OK, so you drop some ELO and then you play against civ pickers that are slightly weaker than you, and you have fun games.

    What’s the big deal?


    If you are both at 1200, the other got here by picking civs and you got here by playing random, you still have a 50/50 chance of winning the game.

    The civ picker isn’t as experienced but his civ will help.

    You can become a civ picker too, and you will see that you kk gain 50 elo, 100 at the top, because civs doesn’t make that much of a difference.


    As someone close to your ELO, I can say that I’m generally picking civs (and often S-tier civs) because I don’t feel like I have a good grasp of the fundamentals yet and picking those civs helps me focus on the basics instead of the intricacies of each civ.

    I’m part of the problem for sure. 🙁

    Edit: I now realize that I am not close to your ELO, haha.

    Saw 1200+ and just assumed you were around 1200.


    Unlimited bans on what?




    i pick only s tier civs and still lose if it helps? 800 elo star over here


    I generally don’t do this, although I did pick Portuguese on arena every game for a couple weeks when people worked out the new castle drop build order, and yeah it was fun!

    Im around 1300 elo and I definitely didn’t win every game so hard to say the civ/strat is totally OP at least at my level.

    I dunno.

    I definitely see the problem and it’s one that is self perpetuating as if lots of people pick the best civs then everyone else needs to just in case.

    That said I still don’t really notice feeling totally helpless against any civ on any map.

    You at least know what your opponent is gonna do when the pick the s tier civs so you can prepare.

    I guess all I’m saying is it is a problem and it is a bit annoying but isn’t really top of my issues with ranked aoe2.


    Alt + f4


    I don’t do this but why wouldn’t it be fun ?


    i try to avoid playing maps that *have* op civs in the first place.

    i would rather frame this “problem” as a ladder design problem (the maps should be designed/selected in a way that no civ is op) than as a moral problem (we the players are to be blamed if we “abuse” the op-ness of some civs on certain maps)


    Come on, at least there are several civ viable now.

    It used to be huns vs huns for a decade, son.

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