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    I am a player with around 1000 elo and I am participating in the “masters of hyperrandom” tournament for the first time.

    As I have not played many games and have limited knowledge of the different civilizations, I am looking for advice on creating a roster of 10-12 civs for the draft.

    The tournament involves 6 picks, 2 bans, and 1 snipe with megarandom maps.

    I have had success with Turks and Hindustanis and I am currently learning Magyars for their scout rush strategy.

    I am also interested in Bengalis but unsure if they are only suitable for closed maps.

    Mongols seem like a good choice due to their hunt bonus and Spanish and Portuguese have good tech trees and versatility.

    However, as these civs may be popular picks, I am seeking alternatives.

    I appreciate any suggestions.

    Tournament information can be found in the attached link.


    You would want civs that are very versatile.

    It could be that you have a map without stone, then you dont want to be reliant on castle units.


    Is there are bans, use them on strong civs that you don’t like playing.

    Prioritise picking comfort civs over strong civs.



    Since Hyperrandom can generate any kind of map and any kind of start, +150 Food is a great starting point.

    The relic count can also be huge, and that’s where your 10+6 attack Knights can shred in Castle Age, even against Camels


    If you are talking about the Empires of Chaos and Chance tournament, then you cant pick civs.

    All your picks have to be random.

    You can however snipe and ban civs.

    So you should focus on that.


    Good advice here already.

    But the only objectively true answer in a Hyperrandom tournament is to pick random at every stage of the civ draft.


    Berbers Hindustani Mayans burgundians Aztecs all have eco bonuses that will apply no matter the map gen and are all highly rated civs.


    Can you link me the tournament site?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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