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    Hello everyone.

    I’ve played approximately 800 1v1 ranked games so far, and although I’ve managed to reach 1100 elo several times, I’ve mostly been hovering around the 1000s.

    I’ve developed my playing technique relying on arrow keys for scrolling, but I’ve recently realized that using the mouse is a more efficient method.

    I’m curious about whether this would have a significant impact on my performance and prevent me from improving my level.


    It’s impressive you made it this far using the arrow keys.

    It is probably holding you back from your full potential but you are now in a range where people know the game well enough and can execute at a decent level.

    1000-1200 is where most of the serious players reside. 1200 is like better than 80% of online players.

    Whatever it is the bar for minimum execution is higher than you think.

    Arrow keys will really limit you.

    It’s likely you are using select all hot keys and go to hot keys which lets you skirt around the negative effects of using arrow keys but it’s probably time to develop better habits


    That seems super slow and inefficient to move the screen.

    You literally have to reposition a hand to do it, which is not good at all.

    Just play around with scroll speed and stuff until you find something that works for you, being able to scroll with the mouse is infinitely better than using the keyboard to do so.


    you have only 2 hands, right?

    so you have 1 hand on the mouse, and the other hand on the kb for hotkeys, but instead of using hotkeys, you *only* use the kb hand for scrolling, a task that your mouse hand could perform better and faster.

    so essentially you dont use your kb hand at all.

    that is a significant disadvantage, good job for performing so well with that huge handicap!


    I know a 16xx player who plays like that 11 (he also uses other hotkeys btw).

    So yeah, you can climb even higher with this style.

    And then there is also Dave with a controller.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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