“Army Comps for a 4v4 Game”

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    My primary inquiry is about how well-balanced your army composition is during a typical 4v4 match (on an open map like Arabia).

    For instance, if both teams have two archer and two knights civilizations, as an archer-focused civilization like Ethiopians, are you mainly gathering archers to create crossbowmen for raids, and then advancing to arbs, siege, and halbs?

    Or do you sometimes generate only arbs and siege and switch to trash units when low on gold and awaiting trade eco?

    Similarly, as a knights-focused civilization like Franks, Persians or Lithuanians, are you just amassing knights or including their respective trash units (halbs, crossbowmen, skrims) for better balance?


    On arabia, if you got a decent civ for your position.

    Flank: archers – xbow – arbs

    Pocket: scouts, kts, cav/pala

    If the game goes really long, you might want to start adding siege other than bbc/trebs.

    SO or Siege ram both can work.

    Trash units shouldnt be made.

    You can make an exception to that if you kill your opposing flank, then it might be worth it going for pikes.

    Otherwise they just get sniped away by the other flanks ranged units.

    Same with skirms getting killed by the cav.


    On Xbox;

    Closed maps – every player goes Khmer, Arena, BF, Amazon Tunnel etc.

    Open maps – 2 CAV civs, 1 counter CAV (italians, Hindu etc) and 1 seige CIV


    Hm, keep in mind some maps like BF could play out differently.

    Here on low elo usually one side is doubled (so it makes sense both go for their best unit) but one side plays more 1:1.

    In that situation it could make sense to add some trash (counter) units.

    For 3v3 that is…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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